In another moment down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Quest for Immortality

So I started playing Sims 3.

True to form, I created personas of HJ and myself to play with and tried to make them as consistent with ourselves, at least in personality and looks, as possible. Here's the personality traits that I first picked for HJ:

Green thumb
Computer Whixx (loves computer games)


HJ: You made me have "Green thumb?" Not sure about that lar...
Me: Well, there's always "HOPELESS ROMANTIC" trait.
HJ: Hahaha... if you think that's me can lor.
Me: Well, there's also "hot-headed" and "emotional" trait, but those are pretty nasty to deal with I think.

What I didn't tell him was there was a trait called "Never Nude". Which means what it says. :P


For myself, I chose:

Computer Whizz (again, loves games)
GENIUS (*cough cough*)
Angler (well, I do enjoy it more than others! wasn't sure what to pick)


As I started the game, it became evident that there were a few changes since Sims 2. For one, you can't access Potions of Youth (or items with similar function) so easily. Otherwise you'll wither and die in a short number of game days. Certainly not an option when playing personas of yourself!

Sims 3 has Ambrosia, which resets your age in the current stage of life (baby, child, teen, Young Adult, Mature Adult, Elder). Getting it is very difficult, and needs a lot of money, gardening, fishing and COOKING SKILL.

So I decided to metagame. So much for trying to be consistant with our real life selves....

HJ's traits:
Natural Cook
Computer whizz
Green thumb

My traits:
Green Thumb

The goal was to get the blasted Ambrosia in time before we become too old. Who wants to live forever as an Elder?

The problem was I messed the process and planted the wrong seeds (they're unnamed). HJ (who, ironically, was older than my persona) was going to advance to a Mature Adult and I couldn't stop it in time. I could probably make Ambrosia before we both advance to Elder stage, but not in time to prevent us aging from Young Adults into Mature Adults. Could I just let it happen and stay forever as Mature Adult instead of Young Adult?, that's not acceptable! Failure! Try again!

(I actually failed twice, this is summarised account of events)


After two failed attempts at imortality, then I noticed this new option in the gameplay menu: "Disable Aging".