In another moment down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Open doors

After a workout at Fitness First with Nivlac and Junior, it was time for a much needed shower. To my dismay however, all the shower stalls were taken. When Nivlac came out of the sauna for a shower and I motioned to shower stalls.

Me: All of them used.
Nivlac: Aiyer, so many people today.
Me: That one over there isn't locked. (But a towel was hanging over the door so we knew there was someone inside)
Nivlac: You go and ask if you can go in lor!

We both laughed.

Looking around, I saw *another* shower stall with the door unlocked, but the door closed (mostly). This one didn't have a towel over the door, so I wasn't sure if someone was inside.

Me: (not knowing how else to check) Knock knock, anyone inside?

Someone came out in his towel, leaving the shower stall for me. I happily took the empty stall, locked the door behind me, and hung my towel on the hanger.

Me: (... wait, that guy was completely dry and his hair was still well combed when he came out. So he hadn't showered yet actually, but came out pretending that he had.)

Me: (And the only reason I knew the earlier stall was occupied was because the guy inside chose not to hang his towel on the hanger but instead hung it over the door. Which means the earlier guy left the door unlocked on purpose and used the towel to show someone was inside.)

Me: (Two people with unlocked shower stalls at the same time. Which means...)




The game is afoot, Watson!

EDIT: Lol, if you haven't figured it out in spite of the all the clues I've spelled out, read the comments for the 'solution'.

Junior got it right away when I told him and Nivlac about it. I wonder if that says anything about Junior...


EDIT 2: When I checked for copyright, apparently the picture of Sherlock Holmes cosplay came from a website filled with short essays by primary school children about him. How dear!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Things you always wanted to do...

...but wasn't realistically within your grasp.

I've always wanted to do a few things, out of pure fancy more than anything else.

The first is to write a novel. Okay, that IS possible, but unlikely to be on any quality worth noticing.

The second is to make a computer game. It would feature:

1. MMORPG with Furry, cute and cuddly animals
Includes dogs, cats, deer, rats, wolves, tigers, bears, and so on so forth. Okay, maybe wolves, bears, tigers and rats aren't exactly cute and cuddly. One out of three isn't bad. :P

2. Fantasy setting
I've mentioned the rpg setting which consisted of awakened animals before. Think high fantasy, with swords and magic but sans elves and dwarves and other fantasy races but instead talking animals. Narnia is a close comparison, but more political focused. The rise of a civilization (of sentient animals) where humans have to contend with sharing their world with an influx of talking animals. You'd have sentient animal settlements, sentient horses serving the knights (or paladin horses, heh), animal hate groups, rat/thief guilds, animal rights groups (literally).

3. Core gameplay: Party/squad-based strategic battles
I've always liked games which made you feel as if you did something smart in order to win. Something which rewards cunning and outsmarting your opponent or applying the right strategy for the right situation. I figure the best way to do this is via Final Fantasy Tactics style battles... maybe. Rat thieves, wolf rangers, deer bards, bear berserkers, tiger warriors, ...hrm, which animals would make sense for mages and clerics? Dunno...

4. Minigames galore
Think the usual flash games standards and you wouldn't be far off. Basically a means of taking a break from the core gameplay for those. These minigames would serve as resource gathering which support the core gameplay, like scouting missions (to find out the enemy numbers and types and terrain before you enter the battle), stealing (for money, duh), various forms of farming or hunting(to produce food for the party/squad, which provides a "well fed bonus"), smithing (to provide equipment). So all these resources can be sold to other players if you have mroe than enough - an economy, if you will. The games could be based on formulas like tower defence, lemmings (for sheep), stealth/infiltration games, Tetris, block puzzles, Robot Unicorn Attack...


Oh, speaking of which, you should play Robot Unicorn Attack! Nevermind the lame name and how it looks. Just try it! :)

(It's even got a deviantart following and a fanclub on facebook... phew!)