In another moment down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

What if it was your daughter?

While playing a game on facebook (Backyard monsters. Excellent game actually. Love it to bits), a 12 year old girl contacted me for a "truce". I spoke quite kindly I think so she started to want to chit chat.

"At your age, your parents may want to know who you talk to on the internet. Please let them when you talk to strangers and let them read your messages from time to time if you can," I cautioned.

"Thanks, I'm very carefull."

That made me think of something else though....


My friends from my field of work (they're old enough to be my aunt) were concerned that I live with my significant other after only a year of being a couple.

"Would you like it if that was your daughter?"

I said I'd be fine with it. After all, my significant other is 34 years old. That didn't change their minds though.

After the short exchange with the 12 year old though, I started to wonder a little though.

"Living together changes the expectations," they said.

Dear readers, what are your thoughts on this?


More on Backyard Monsters:

"Backyard Monsters is a good game. This shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with Casual Collective’s track record as a publisher, but it’s still surprising given how far above and beyond expectations the game goes relative to the Facebook platform. Backyard Monsters plays better and looks better than Nintendo DS games sold at retail. To release a game of this caliber for free on Facebook is a real achievement." - Gamezebo

Monday, September 27, 2010

Cooking together

HJ: "I'll cook the eggs -You handle the vegetables, okay?"

Me: "No prob. Hrmm. Cos lettuce, cherry tomatoes, wild rocket... I think I can make a salad."

But we didn't have salad dressing. Not that I could eat most salad dressings. Anyway, I had to make my own with ingredients around the house.

Me: "I have olive oil but no vinegar..."
HJ: "No vinegar please! Don't like that stuff."
Me: "Okay, time to google recipes for salad dressings with olive oil. With no vinegar."

I found a quite few really. Most had vinegar, but fiddling the the Boolean search commands yielded recipes without vinegar.

Me: "This one has adds salt, pepper and garlic... but its for a pasta salad."
HJ: "Maybe its better to be light on the garlic since we aren't using pasta."
Me: "This other recipe has lemon... and so does this one. And this one. And this one."

But I didn't have lemon. So I settled for olive oil a garlic, salt and pepper.

HJ: "Sparingly please! We can add more to taste later. ...Er, are you using the flavoured pepper powder?"
Me: (chopping garlic) "Yes... unless you want to use the peppercorns you bought."
HJ: "Yes please... I'll crush them for the omellete and for your salad too... Can use your Himalaya salt ah?"
Me: "Why not? It's all we have anyway."

I put the minced garlic in 3 tablespoons of olive oil, then added half a teaspoon of the pink salt.

Me: "Seems like a lot of salt? I put even less than the recipe even, how odd." (stirs thoroughly)
HJ: "Here's the pepper, take how much you need... so little ah?"
Me: "Sparingly right?"
HJ: "Ah, right!"

I dip a bit of salad leaf in to try a bit.
Me: (Not much taste?)

I dip another salad leaf, making sure to get some peppercorn.
Me: "... ah, that's not bad. The salt didn't mix in the oil though. And it could use... lemon."
HJ: "Go buy from the sundry shop downstairs lah. Consider getting lime so we can make lime drinks sometimes."

So I go downstairs to buy a lemon. Or a lime.

At the sundry shop,
Me: (No lime or lemon as I expected... but there's something else I could use..."

Back home,
Me: "I'm back! No lemon or lime though, but I have got a substitue!"
HJ: (cooking) "What's that?... oh!"



It actually worked out quite well. Well, maybe a bit more lemon flavour would have been better. :)

Friday, September 03, 2010


So I woke up in the middle of the night after having a dream. Not exactly a nightmare, but not exactly pleasant either. A spectre from a part of my life that wasn't as pleasant as my life now.

I couldn't go back to sleep yet. But I'm okay - apparently I'm pretty good at leaving behind those things which should be left behind. And I've now got someone to get back to bed to.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Dilemma

Two couples, one King-sized bed.


Will & Me: Oh.... peng!*
Me: ... best two out of three!
Will & Me: Oh peng! Oh peng!**

*Malaysian equivalent of Rock, Paper, Scissors.
** Events depicted here are fictional, duh. ;)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Goodbye, Kakak

How does one properly say goodbye to someone who's been with the family for 16 years?

Just the other day I accompanied my mum and papa to the airport to send Kakak off. That meant getting up in the early morning as the flight was at 7.30am. I didn't trust myself to get up on time, so i neglected to sleep instead and went over to my mum's place to wait for them at 7am.

Mum says she's been with us for 16 years. That means she helped bring me and my brother up. Still remember her tapping outside my window to wake me up for school (it was form 4 or 5 i think and the teachers were so useless that i often decided to stay at home to study).

Indonesia has a really, really big and disorganized que at the checkin counters (airasia). Also, it was apparent they earned huge amounts from overweight luggage fines. You see, Kakak's luggage was overweight (just like all the other indon maids around us) and had to pay RM220 in overweight fines. (With the long ques behind us, the checkin counter girl had wisely stuffed the luggage into the hold before Kakak could have a chance to take things out). It turns out that kakak had stuffed back in the luggage that my mum had forced her to take out the night before to avoid the overweight charges because she couldn't stand the thought of not taking the stuff with her (lol!). Ever benevolent, in the end my mum paid as Kakak had not enough money to. (Mum had earlier promised to send Kakak more money later every month as thanks for long years of service... kakak thought mum would deduct from here but mum said she wouldn't) Mum was very very annoyed and amused at the same time. :P

One thing that saddens me - talking about the details of how kakak gets home drives home the problems that plague Indonesia. Being illiterate, people at immigration would try to cheat Kakak at every turn, insisting on bribes for ridiculous reasons (like not bringing a letter from the maid agency - it is NOT a necessity, but many maids don't know that). Apparently she brought back with her a huge amount of money in cash (rm950 equivalent?) just to bribe her way home safely.

Worse, due to her relatives perpetually demanding money, she's has very little savings to show for her many years of work. It's something we've advised her against time and again, but we've come to understand that its very difficult for her to say no. The people there are living in such poverty that she cannot refuse, essentially.

Take care of yourself, Kakak.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Open doors

After a workout at Fitness First with Nivlac and Junior, it was time for a much needed shower. To my dismay however, all the shower stalls were taken. When Nivlac came out of the sauna for a shower and I motioned to shower stalls.

Me: All of them used.
Nivlac: Aiyer, so many people today.
Me: That one over there isn't locked. (But a towel was hanging over the door so we knew there was someone inside)
Nivlac: You go and ask if you can go in lor!

We both laughed.

Looking around, I saw *another* shower stall with the door unlocked, but the door closed (mostly). This one didn't have a towel over the door, so I wasn't sure if someone was inside.

Me: (not knowing how else to check) Knock knock, anyone inside?

Someone came out in his towel, leaving the shower stall for me. I happily took the empty stall, locked the door behind me, and hung my towel on the hanger.

Me: (... wait, that guy was completely dry and his hair was still well combed when he came out. So he hadn't showered yet actually, but came out pretending that he had.)

Me: (And the only reason I knew the earlier stall was occupied was because the guy inside chose not to hang his towel on the hanger but instead hung it over the door. Which means the earlier guy left the door unlocked on purpose and used the towel to show someone was inside.)

Me: (Two people with unlocked shower stalls at the same time. Which means...)




The game is afoot, Watson!

EDIT: Lol, if you haven't figured it out in spite of the all the clues I've spelled out, read the comments for the 'solution'.

Junior got it right away when I told him and Nivlac about it. I wonder if that says anything about Junior...


EDIT 2: When I checked for copyright, apparently the picture of Sherlock Holmes cosplay came from a website filled with short essays by primary school children about him. How dear!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Things you always wanted to do...

...but wasn't realistically within your grasp.

I've always wanted to do a few things, out of pure fancy more than anything else.

The first is to write a novel. Okay, that IS possible, but unlikely to be on any quality worth noticing.

The second is to make a computer game. It would feature:

1. MMORPG with Furry, cute and cuddly animals
Includes dogs, cats, deer, rats, wolves, tigers, bears, and so on so forth. Okay, maybe wolves, bears, tigers and rats aren't exactly cute and cuddly. One out of three isn't bad. :P

2. Fantasy setting
I've mentioned the rpg setting which consisted of awakened animals before. Think high fantasy, with swords and magic but sans elves and dwarves and other fantasy races but instead talking animals. Narnia is a close comparison, but more political focused. The rise of a civilization (of sentient animals) where humans have to contend with sharing their world with an influx of talking animals. You'd have sentient animal settlements, sentient horses serving the knights (or paladin horses, heh), animal hate groups, rat/thief guilds, animal rights groups (literally).

3. Core gameplay: Party/squad-based strategic battles
I've always liked games which made you feel as if you did something smart in order to win. Something which rewards cunning and outsmarting your opponent or applying the right strategy for the right situation. I figure the best way to do this is via Final Fantasy Tactics style battles... maybe. Rat thieves, wolf rangers, deer bards, bear berserkers, tiger warriors, ...hrm, which animals would make sense for mages and clerics? Dunno...

4. Minigames galore
Think the usual flash games standards and you wouldn't be far off. Basically a means of taking a break from the core gameplay for those. These minigames would serve as resource gathering which support the core gameplay, like scouting missions (to find out the enemy numbers and types and terrain before you enter the battle), stealing (for money, duh), various forms of farming or hunting(to produce food for the party/squad, which provides a "well fed bonus"), smithing (to provide equipment). So all these resources can be sold to other players if you have mroe than enough - an economy, if you will. The games could be based on formulas like tower defence, lemmings (for sheep), stealth/infiltration games, Tetris, block puzzles, Robot Unicorn Attack...


Oh, speaking of which, you should play Robot Unicorn Attack! Nevermind the lame name and how it looks. Just try it! :)

(It's even got a deviantart following and a fanclub on facebook... phew!)

Saturday, March 06, 2010


The other day at Subang airport, I saw an 'ang moh' couple making their way to Mc Donalds in the separated building. The lady was walking in front of her partner, who pushed the baggage trolley.

At the exit, she helped open one door for the trolley to go past while looking at something in her hands. The trolley was too wide to go through however, and the lady needed to open the other door for the trolley to get through. On his part, her partner just stood behind the trolley, wordless, waiting for the lady to open the other door.

They stood there for awhile actually, the man behind the trolley staring at the lady expectantly and the lady holding one of the two doors open. At some point I realised that he lady must have figured out what her partner wanted her to do, but wanted him to open his mouth to ask instead of waiting for her expectantly. A silent "tug of wills" was going on - the man waiting for her to open the other door without him asking and the lady waiting for him to say something while she was reading her book.

In the end, the man turned the trolley around and suggested to eat somewhere else. The lady let go of the door and followed behind, accepting this "compromise".

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Godwin's Law

Oh, how terribly embarrasing!

I just read something about Godwin's Law from a friend's FB status. (click on the link)

"As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1."

Essentially, the point is that comparisons to Hitler or Nazis is a way overused in discussions. The invocation of comparisons to Nazis shows a lack of... creativity.

*peers at own older posts and hides in a corner*