In another moment down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sharing a story

Very happy, a little scared, very hopeful. That's how I felt when I committed myself to a relationship with someone.

...huh. I was supposed to sleep early but spent the whole night looking for my last announcement post when I first hooked up with my ex as a reference for this one. Apparently there wasn't any.

Looks like the start of a new chapter in our lives, our story. Seems to be off to a good start, with plenty more wonderful times anticipated. :)

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Gymming and exercise

I've been gymming pretty regularly now. Started in March actually, but had to stop for a few months due to a nasty knee injury during Body Combat. I didn't even bother checking for results in any manner, figuring that my body would downright refuse to put on any weight no matter what I did.

Well, apparently I weight 3-4 kgs more since then, more than I ever have in the 29 years of my life. I don't think much of it has gone to my stomach either - pants are a bit more fitting, but not tight. Since then I've looked more carefully a subtle difference... not much though. But still, I'm quite happy about the extra weight. (Though to be honest, I would have though that much extra weight would be noticable immediately)

I'm not really sure how much of it came from the extra exercise (comprised ENTIRELY of Body Pump sessions, once to twice weekly), or the extra diet. But the definite (if minor) improvement has made me realise that change IS possible.

So I've moved from only Body Pump to resistance training as well, 3 times a week. And taken a bit more care with my diet as compared to "when I remember, makan". So yeah, a bit more serious with the workout now.


One thing I've realised is that the sides of my chest are subtly improving... but the middle not at all. So no longkang for me. Recently I've been trying a resistance machine which focuse only on the chest, and realised that I had a very big difference in difficulty closing the last bit of the workout compared to the startup.

What part of the chest muscle did closing the last bit need?... ah. The middle of the chest. I've been doing equivalents of bench presses and push ups, which don't really involve that part of the pectorals. You'd think that would have dawned on me sooner...

And thus I've been introduced to the wonderful world of targeted body sculpting. Time to work on that longkang. Any advice, anyone?


As for meals, i've been trying to work in extra meals into my diet. Mostly turkey ham sandwiches (wholemeal bread), as I need the fibre too. (Don't ask.)

A quick sift through the internet, and the advice apparently is that I should be consuming 1.2g of protein everyday for each pound I weight. About 150x1.2= 180 grams of protein. That doesn't sound too hard, right? Surely I'm already consuming that amount.

But wait! That's how much protein I should be consuming, not weight in meat. A cursory look at how much protein a kg of meat has... ermmm, most meats seem to have a weight to protein ratio of about 4:1 so the amount of meat I need to consume is 4x180 = 720 grammes.

Wait, what?

720 grammes of meat a DAY???

That's ludicrous! 100 grammes is like one half of a chicken breast. So 720 grammes is like eating 7.2 chicken breasts halves EVERY DAY.

These are three chicken breast halves. I should eat about 7 everyday.

Already my current eating regime makes me feel bloated throughout the day and have a generally unhappy stomach! But 720 grammes of meat??? I'll be farting so often that my workstation will be declared as a biohazard zone! Are there any other options?

Letsee, egg white from one egg gives... 4g only? why did I even bother?

One bottle of V-soy (yummy) has ...9g? That's a lot actually... but it's vegtable protein so it's worth much less cos it's hard to absorb I think.

Anyone want to correct my calculations?


P.S. Until today, still cannot go through a whole session of Body Pump without taking a break to rest. >.> Only one in the class who has to do that. Malu betul...