In another moment down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again.

Monday, August 31, 2009

The paintings

My apartment has been accused of being bare and devoid of... well, generally bare. The painting on the feature wall isn't even one I chose myself, rather it's from the previous owners. Painting of running horses... very Chinese taste, that. I've been looking about at art pieces recently with a mind to replace that one ever since I saw a painting of flowers at midvalley...

It wasn't a very detailed painting - quite teh opposite really. Very geometric shapes, petal-less flowers and vivid, solid colors. A modern art piece to be sure, of flowers in a vase. I passed by it once, and the second time I passed the shop I asked the salegirl to take it out under a pile for mee to see again.

Saleperson: Oh, this is a nice one... (when I heard her say this, warning bells should have already start to ring.)
Me: So how much is it?
Salesperson: RM550.
Me: ...Oh. Hrm.

(RM550??? I was willing to pay half of that!)

I didn't buy it, but confirmed with the salegirl that the stall would be up for a week. So I had one week to decide to buy the painting or not.

In the end, I decided against it. It would have been my first pruchase of an art piece, and I wasn't very confident about my taste in art yet. I should get a bit more exposure and see what's available around before buying such expensive pieces of art.


Later in Ikano, a lower ground floor, while walking with a friend (Junior I think)

Me: !!! Hold on yah, spotted a nice painting...
Junior: ?...

I made a quick stop at the painting shop. Lots of painting of Budhha heads, but I wasn't interested in those. The painting that really stood out for me was a modern art piece which looked like a countryside scenery... again, using simple shapes yet I liked the composition. Wouldn't this be lovely for my feature wall? A glance at the price tag...


Of course, I immediately ran back to Junior and regaled my horror at the price.
Junior: Yeah, no surprise. Paintings are like that what.
Me: But it's a little shop in the Curve, not an art gallery!


I bet that last painting is still there, waiting to adorn somebody's wall. You can see it in Ikano, I think the lower ground floor. The shop is very obvious for its many paintings of Budhha heads in it.