In another moment down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Chain story, chapter 2


It wasn't a dark and stormy night - that's really a clich├ęd beginning for a story.

For Julien, it was bright enough to see the faint outline of Philip's naked body. Philip was sleeping soundly on the silk satin bedsheet, but Julien just couldn't even get his eyes close on that full moon night. He was looking out the dusty windows, lightly holding the almost empty wine glass. Then, he caught a glimpse of a shadow... who was this stranger in the night?

Julien silently shut the window and kept in the shadows, to avoid being silhouetted in the moonlight. "Must get the job done quickly now," he thought while appreciating Philip's physique, "before he gets back." He downed the remains of the wine, then took out his garrotte.

Why do I always get the good-looking ones? he pondered as he got into bed, cradled Philip's head and slid the garrotte around Philip's neck.

Then Julien yanked and Philip jerked awake, only to have Julien flip him facedown on the bed and pressed his body down on his, his face smothered by the pillow and Julien still strangling him, when the bedroom door slammed open.

Julien retreat off of the bed leaving Philip's lifeless body. Swiftly he reached for his shirt, knocking the wine glass off the side table.

"What have you done?!!", a loud voice came from the door, "Not this one, not right here!!".

Julien stood by the bed quiet as a mice, with his head hanging low. The light from the door shine into the dark room, as if spotlighted onto Philip's body while a shadow grew longer reaching the face of Philip. But then it stopped. The creeping shadow halted, as if time stood still, and the approaching figures outside the door had frozen in place. Julien kept silent, his eyes and ears, vigilant, knowing that even the slightest of movements could trigger the shadows - the frozen figures that spoke of undesired calamity.

"For Hera’s sake, could you please keep that aside?! I strictly told you to refrain yourself from using the powerful one... Wait. He’s still in there. I can sense his energy. His fear. Even so, our beloved Phillip is far too devious to just play dead. Fine. Use it."

It was a man, and he was not alone.

One of the men produced a verrrry suspicious-looking phallic instrument about 8 inches long which he flicked on. Brilliant white light shone forth from it to illuminate the scene at the bed but Julien wasn't anywhere in sight.

"I really wish you didn't bring that obscene looking flash light of yours here. Couldn't you be a little more serious about work?"

"Oh, don't bother about me and keep concentrating on finding him."

"Just switch on light, dimwit!!"

Julien looked around him. Now he had to get a way out of the room, and it had to be quick before the guys found him. For the moment, jumping out from the windows was his only option.

After a minute of rummaging around, one of the guys managed to find the light switch....."I found it!" he says and flicked the switch but nothing happened. The light wouldn't turn on and both of them turned their attention to the faulty switch.

This was the diversion Julien has been waiting for. Swiftly, he sprinted fast and silently like a cat towards the opened window. It was freezing cold with winter winds but he had to get out of there.

"Stop right there if you still want to be in one piece."

Julien froze as his mind was turning quick about what to do next when the light suddenly came on.

"You idiot, told you to switch on the lights and you got the socket." The man had a gun in his hand, pointing straight at Julien. "So you think you can get away this time? I don't think so."

"You must know, bullets won't do me any harm," Julien replied calmly, while still thinking about a way to get out of this situation.

"Heh heh... I have the powerful one to help me this time. It's game over for you now."

"Is that so? Let's see how fast your bullets are," Julien replied and he dashed to the door with supersonic speed, knocked the second guy who is blocking at the door to the floor. The first guy fires his gun towards Julien continuously but all of them misses the target, and without any hesitant, Julien sped to the main door but his steps stopped there.

"Hi Julien."

"Freddie... Get out of my way."

"Awwww... Why the rush? How long we haven't seen each other? Don't you miss me?"

Julien was immediately stunned by that statement. Yes. Julien used to have a wonderful time with Freddie. Freddie, being a pilot, was required to fly around at least twice a month, for a period of two weeks each time. Whenever Freddie was in another country, he would definitely give Julien a call, started off saying, "Don't you miss me?"


All of a sudden, the temperature of the room dropped drastically. 25… 22… 15… 5… 0… -10. Everything in the room became lifeless, frozen in a black thick sheet of ice. Julien's eyes were glowing in green and his lips curved into a sinister smile. "I told ya".

But even as he turned to make his getaway, Julien found himself tensing as he felt something cold and sinister slip between his ribs. Green eyes widened in silent astonishment as he slid lifelessly to the ground clutching at the slim dagger piercing his side, teardrops of scarlet dripping heedlessly to the ground.

"Tsk tsk... I knew you would betray me, Julien. I'm not the man you thought I was. Do you think I'd be such a foolish dupe? You're certainly not the first assassin who has tried. Ever since you first accidentally bumped into me, I've had your moves tracked. I know who you work for, Julien. And I decided to test your loyalty as Freddie as well."

That familiar voice was chillingly clear even as Julien's vision blurred with every moment that passed. "W-what? Phillip? But I killed..."

"Tried to kill me twice, didn't you?" Freddie's face changed like liquid metal metamorphosing into the face of the man he loved. Phillip?

As he lay dying, Julien watched his killer through blurred vision. First, it was Freddie, then now Phillip - but, but wasn't Phillip already dead on the bed, smothered under the pillow with the iron wire twisted so deeply that it cut into the flesh of his muscular neck? Unless this was all really a dream (and it would be a terrible ending for a story), then Phillip wouldn't really be standing before him now - would he?

But there was Phillip still - his muscular physique firm and clear, silhouetted in the glow of the full moon. Although Julien could hardly see now - the idea, the very aura of this twist of events was admittedly beyond his expectations. But then, he had never expected much anyway - it was always assignment after assignment of murder, from the very first day he was born. Julien was his name of course, but it was new - known only to the men the Fraternity's Loom of Destiny had ordered execution, and the members of the Fraternity themselves. But from where he once trained, there were no names. They were given numbers.

Suddenly there were rays of light and loud chants... that's the last thing he remembers before he passed out. The sweet smell of myrrh mixed with honey was the first thing that came to his mind as he regained consciousness. Julien couldn't move his body, an indescribable sense of heaviness surrounds his body.

"Don't move, I've put a healing charm on you... plus a binding spell."

"Who are you?.... where am I?...." asked Julien in weak voice, at the same time noticing that he is not having any clothes on...

"Foolish assassin, the Fraternity has betrayed you and left you for dead," intoned his captor who immediately wove another spell to break his mind. His mind reeling from the psychic attack, Julien scrambled to find his inner sanctuary, his center. "You are merely grasping at straws, assassin," taunted his captor as the chants intensified. "That voice... could it be?!" thought Julien as every muscle in his powerful body strained against the magical onslaught.

"Soon, my pet, you shall be the property of the Sorority..."


There stood Belinda, the Head Mama of the Sorority of Lesbianas, tall and proud. Her black, shiny hair flowed to her voluptuous breasts and a thin cashmere scantily covered her lean body.

Around her are the Sorority Sisters, who do her biddings with utmost loyalty. And they don't seem to like the presence of a man in their headquarters. But that might change soon, as Belinda has indicated that Julien to be inducted "to become one of them"... unless Julien comes up with an escape plan swiftly!

Julien, weakened under the spell, stared at the many breasts surrounding him. Soft, pale skin caressed by the silkiest of satins outlining every single detail of the women of the Sorority. His eyes trailed up their long, smooth legs all the way till satin barely covered their sex.

Julien felt a yearning, a fire burning in his groin. He wanted in.

One of Belinda's posse with blonde tresses started to giggle when Julien got aroused. "Ahem", Belinda hisses, staring at the giggling girl angrily which made all the commotion ended. "Rest my boy," Belinda said as she turn and walk out of the room, "Soon you'll know your fate". Her posse followed close behind before the door shut closed.

"So they found fresh meat, it seems", a voice of a man came from a corner of the room, "I wonder what they'll do with you".

"Well, they did say something about making me become one of them," Julien started to say while turning around, "Name's Julien...Oh!"

Before Julien was a beautiful, well-muscled and very naked man, who was also a beautiful, well-muscled and very naked woman.

"Right, I have a good idea what they mean by making you one of them from firsthand experience. I used to be I am known as Pavella."

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Baju Melayu

Right, I reaaally haven't been blogging all that much lately. But that's easily rectified.

Raya season has been a bit special this year. I've been staying at the bf's place for quite an extended period this time. Now and then I'd fast and Sahur with the family for the past month. Fasting isn't too hard for a few days, but i think it was wearing me down eventually so I stopped.

We shopped for sets of baju Melayu for the boys in the family including myself. Took quite a doing as the boys were extremely fussy about how they looked in their new threads. I had a chance to visit shopping malls that are popular with Malay folk like Mydin, but in the end found my clothes in Jaya Jusco on the very last day before Hari Raya itself, so they were going for 50% off. Not too shabby.

What were the clothes for? A photo shoot with the whole family. We all posed together many many many times for photographs of the whole family in Shane's house. I have to say the photos turned out pretty well.

So what was I wearing? A reddish brown baju melayu with pants, a black songket with gold embroidery, and a songkok. The songkok was a bit out of place though (isn't it a Muslim thing?) as it made my forehead too prominent. >.<