In another moment down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Birthday party '08

Well, it's a bit late to blog about this but better late than never.

I was forewarned by my darling that most people were not turning up. So the birthday party was going to be a quick lunch with Dr. Paul, Queerant and Azzuro Hyperion. It was a pretty brief affair, and everybody was in a rush to go somewhere else after that. God knows why.

By now you can probably tell the birthday lunch was a setup. The REAL party only came a few hours later at the darling's home, where everybody was gathering for a surprise party. And yes, I was surprised. But not without much moping and depression while I was still at the shopping mall (where the darling insisted we stay until he knew the guys had gatehred). My mum says I'm spoilt cos 5 people at a birthday party is nothing to get depressed about.

Normally that would be tue - I've spent plenty of birthdays with no celebration whatsoever. No problem. But nowadays, with the lavish parties we've been giving everyone among our friends so far I felt very left out.

But enough about that. For presents, I got a new phone (score!), a cute beanie hat (cute, but when will I wear it in this climate?), a bath scrubby hand thingy and a vibrating hand thingy that scares little children. I kid you not. Unfortunately, pictures are not available right now (me has no camera that can hook up to lappie).

Thanks to everyone that made it - I'm SO VERY GLAD you came! No, kidding. >.< For those of you who couldn't, you were missed but are still remembered and sayang-ed! (Xavier and Adik, that means you two. :p ) Also, thanks to my darling for planning the birthday.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Chain story

What a remarkable idea! Sorry I'm a little late, had browser problems yesterday.

It wasn't a dark and stormy night - that's really a clich├ęd beginning for a story. For Julien, it was bright enough to see the faint outline of Philip's naked body. Philip was sleeping soundly on the silk satin bedsheet, but Julien just couldn't even get his eyes closed on that full moon night. He was looking out the dusty windows, lightly holding the almost empty wine glass. Then, he caught a glimpse of a shadow... who was this stranger in the night?

Janvier :
Julien silently shut the window and kept in the shadows, to avoid being silhouetted in the moonlight. "Must get the job done quickly now," he thought while appreciating Philip's physique, "before he gets back." He downed the remains of the wine, then took out his garrotte.

Why do I always get the good-looking ones? he pondered as he got into bed, cradled Philip's head and slid the garrotte around Philip's neck. Then Julien yanked and Philip jerked awake, only to have Julien flip him facedown on the bed and pressed his body down on his, his face smothered by the pillow and Julien still strangling him, when the bedroom door slammed open.

Julien retreat off of the bed leaving Philip's lifeless body. Swiftly he reached for his shirt, knocking the wine glass off the side table. "What have you done?!!", a loud voice came from the door, "Not this one, not right here!!". Julien stood by the bed quiet as a mice, with his head hanging low. The light from the door shine into the dark room, as if spotlighted onto Philip's body while a shadow grew longer reaching the face of Philip.

Adik's turn:

But then it stopped. The creeping shadow halted, as if time stood still, and the approaching figures outside the door had frozen in place. Julien kept silent, his eyes and ears, vigilant, knowing that even the slightest of movements could trigger the shadows - the frozen figures that spoke of undesired calamity.

“For Hera’s sake, could you please keep that aside?! I strictly told you to refrain yourself from using the powerful one…Wait. He’s still in there. I can sense his energy. His fear. Even so, our beloved Phillip is far too devious to just play dead. Fine. Use it.”

It was a man, and he was not alone.

Huh? What am I supposed to do with this???

My turn:
One of the men produced a verrrry suspicious-looking phallic instrument about 8 inches long which he flicked on. Brilliant white light shone forth from it to illuminate the scene at the bed but Julien wasn't anywhere in sight.

"I really wish you didn't bring that obscene looking flash light of yours here. Couldn't you be a little more serious about work?"

"Oh, don't bother about me and keep concentrating on finding him."

(Had to edit to keep to 5 sentence rule)
Ok, this leaves a few holes in the story still. Who is Julien waiting for? What was the shadow outside the window? Who were these men and why did they want Julien (or do they?)?

Anyway, time to pass the buck. Apollo David, you're next!