In another moment down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Appropriate Physical Contact

Before the gossip spins wildly out of control (if it hasn't already), I'd better give an accurate account of the events last Christmas party. The following events have been discussed with the bf and he's apologized.

The short: Shane had his arm around Jared Jr. for the entire length of a movie. He was stupidly drunk at the time.
(In fact, most of my friends were there too and hardly noticed as far as I can tell)

The long:
Well, Shane got stupidly drunk. It was the Christmas party at the doc's place, and wine & Baileys was flowing freely.

Shane hasn't been spending much time with me during the party. He had gone to Melaka in Api's car and spent most of his time chatting with everyone else. That's okay - he gets to see me most everyday and he wanted to spend some time with them. After a good many drinks, everyone starts to watch a romantic movie, "Love Actually". Shane is sitting on the couch with Jared Jr with one arm around Jared. I'm not on the couch and wasn't invited to sit next to him.

At first I get about doing my own things. We're not attached to the hips, and I want to spend time with friends too. When I come back to him though, the arm is still around Jared. I start flicking his arm periodically, exchanging confused looks with Jared Jr. and mentioning that they were a bit on the close side. The arm never moves away. I move up and down and around, hoping that when I get back to him he'd have changed positions. At last I find that Shane's now sleeping on Jared (was it on his lap or his shoulder? I can't remember).

Feeling upset, I go up to the room alone and stay there. Eventually, my room mates find out I'm upset when they comes back to sleep (or was it the next morning?)

Why such a big reaction from me? Mostly because something like it has happened before at Frangi's. Shane had a crush on someone at the Frangi's party, and while we were driving home that someone had to sit on his lap due to lack of space. Apparently they held hands, and the next day he went kinda gaga over the his crush for a while. Shane's told me about it and apologized profusely for this, and I forgave him quickly. But you can see why I'd be a little insecure this time around, especially since Shane's mentioned before that he was now attracted to Jared Jr instead.

Thoughts running through my head: Did I forgive him too quickly? Did he think that it was okay for him to act out his crushes with other people while he was my bf? Was he going to do something funny with someone else every time he gets a bit of alcohol in his system?

Keep in mind, all he did was keep his arm around Jared Jr. this time. And he was stinking drunk at the time too.

Anyways, Shane's apologized to me over the matter (although now and then I hear him mumble something about "I didn't do anything").

So anyway, a discussion. Just how much physical contact do *you* feel is appropriate for a man in a relationship with his friends? (Feel free to say what you sincerely feel - whatever you say probably won't really incriminate Shane much since he was filled to his ears with alcohol at the time to be held accountable)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


So yeah, I'm desperately trying to find a place that wants to hire a guy who just graduated with Masters of Special Education. It hasn't been easy - I appeared to have forgotten that Malaysia is still a pretty backward country when it comes to disability services.

If I can't find work in KL, I don't really know what to do. I have so many things that I can't bear to leave behind here.

Friday, December 07, 2007


I've been meaning to intro everyone to the newest member of the menagerie, Muffin! The lovely BF helped me choose this cuddly fellow for my mum, hence he usually hangs out at her place. That's her chair he's sitting on btw.

Earlier names suggested were Furface the Furred/Fearless (which my brother insists on), Bwoosh (my original name for him), Furball (but that was too common) among others, but my mum settled on Muffin.

The short stubbly arms and legs perfectly complement the facial expression and the ball-shaped figure. I pick him up and hug the silly looking pillow dog every time I visit my mum. :)

Hee. Very adorable. Well, if adorable soft toy designs don't interest you, there's always a different flavor that may be preferable. ;)