In another moment down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

New Charity - Donate Now!

It has been noted somewhere that I am evil personified. How untrue this is. Look at the photo of my handsome face above: Does this look like the face of evil to you?

Behold my benevolence - I have decided to organize the building of an orphanage! Yes, do not balk. Long half I seen the plight of orphans and their suffering under the hands of society. The poor orphans lack proper nutrition, a warm bed to sleep at night, running water,electricity and an X-box 360 of their own. Can you imagine that?

But no longer! I, Super Boing Boing, have decided to pt an end to their suffering! ...No, not like that you simpleton. I might have considered that, but I have found the perfect site for an orphanage:

This should be perfect for my... orphanage.

Details for the site can be found at Heck, they've even got e-bay advert online, where the site is being offered for an affordable USD 1,500,000. What more can you ask?

Ooooh, the very thought of the ... faces of the orphans sends a thrill down my fur. Cos they are grateful, of course. (Hrm... better check if child slavery is a crime in Washington)

But how would I fund this charitable project of justice? Why, I've found volunteers to star in my latest gay twink porn of course! New video titles are available for sale and purchase:

1. The Birdwatcher - starring Lanky Lex and Jaunty Jared
2. Misbehaving Mark, Seductive Spencer - starring Strapping Shane and Zany Zen
3. Bushless in Beijing - starring Storytelling Paul and Charming Calvin
4. Sanctuary Sex: C'est La Vie - starring Jared Jr. and Erratic Ezra
5. Secret Video Series 5: Ratted Out! - starring Apollion and Ranter , videoed by Rat rat and Rat rat.
6. The Lion, the Twink and the Wardrobe - starring Big Chester and myself, Super Boing Boing!

Yes, that's right folks! By purchasing these sizzzzling gay twink videos (though admittedly some of them aren't really twinks), not only do you get to satisfy your desire for steaamy homo action but you also get to do something charitable for the poor senior citizens! Don't dally, order your copy today!

Senior citizens? ...I meant poor orphans, of course.

(SBB seal of approval)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


As promised, Kenya!

The original looping flash can be found here.

Monday, October 08, 2007

The Pursuit of Happiness

Grandma: What's that ring?

We're eating dinner at Pizza Hut - mostly for the sake of going out and not staying home all day to rot.

Me: It's just a ring Mama. Nothing really.
Grandma: Can I see it?
Me: Sure.

She rolls it around in her hands, examining it. Perhaps looking for a name or dedication. Fortunately for me, there aren't any.

Grandma: So now you're wearing this ring instead of your broken sword?
Me: Yeah. I stopped wearing the broken sword long ago Mama.

She hands it back, asking no further questions. Probably because it's easy to tell that I'm not going to be giving any answers.


Good grief, I used to write such emo posts! I could hardly stand to read the one I just linked that I wrote some time back. Of course, considering what type of rut I was in at the time it was hardly surprising.

As a result of my inevitable realization that I was gay after many years of struggle with faith, it became apparent that I needed to work with what I was and make the best of the situation. There was a hitch, however.

Most gay men can expect to die alone and spend most of their living days alone. This was something I believed, something that I still suspect is true. At least for gay men who don't marry a woman for whatever reasons.

Not that single hood is such a horrible thing and should never be chosen, but like many others it wasn't something that I personally was looking forward to. I wanted to at least experience a romantic relationship with another human being. A proper one where I wasn't just trying to un-gay-ify myself by hooking up with a girl.

So my plan was this. Make more PLU friends, hang out in groups, get to know them, build relationships. Everything else will follow. Simple huh?

It turned out to be much harder than expected. For the most part, finding PLUs who just wanted to hang out was the problem. I was relying mostly on profiles like Fridae and Axcest to find other PLUs. In my own profile I wrote, "Please don't send me hearts /kisses/spanks - send me a message instead. Sending me a hear/kiss/spank without a message will let me know you didn't bother to read the profile and just looked at the picture"

AS you might have guessed, almost everyone sent hearts/kisses/spanks without a message. Busted.

So I was sending messages here and there on the profile, trying to find people on the profiles with similar goals as myself. It was very very tough. Even my mum noticed how much time and energy I was expending into my search. Driven she called me. And after about a year or two of constant poking at the profile sites, I had nothing much to show for it.

Finally I found Derek's profile, which eventually led me to his blog. The wheels turned slowly, and through blogging I found a means to get to know these wonderful guys I hang out with now. That and a certain special someone to call my own (whose house I'm bunking at now. Again).


The ring that my grandmother was examining was given to me by Shane. Before I left for Australia the last time I went down, he bought us both rings to wear. We still wear it out today.

I'm sorry I can't share with grandma my recently found happiness. But at least she can see the fruits of my search, after long last.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Basic needs

Spent the last few days in Melaka again, driving grandpa (Kong Kong) around to do some chores, mostly banking. Lots of illegal parking was involved, and boy can policemen scribbling out summons nearby make one sweat!

We ended of the day by buying lunch back to eat with grandma (mama), from Kong Kong's favourite chap fan (aka economy rice aka nasi campur). Of course, more illegal parking was involved.

Mama: Look at all that food!
Me: Yeah, it does look really good too.

The food consisted of curry chicken, tau-yu pork, eggplant with spicy seasoning, tau fu with minced meat, sweat and sour fish, and an egg pseudo ommelette with preserved radish thingy. Served with rice.


Mama: Now, wasn't that a good lunch?
Me: Truly.
Kong Kong: You see, so much good food for so little. Melaka is great for cheap and good food.
Me: To be honest, I prefer eating food like this to the extravagant Chinese dinners.
Mama: So do we. We also prefer simple food.
Me: Really? Then why do we go to Chinese dinners so often?
Mama: Oh, we just like to go out to eat at these places so we don't feel so "jakun".
Me: ...huh? Hrm. I don't feel that way.
Mama: You might not feel the need to eat certain things, but people who don't have the chance will crave for it.
Me: Oh? ...I see. So it's like craving for something because you can't have it.
Mama: Exactly. Since you have tried it, it's easier for you to choose to eat what you really want to eat. People who don't have the chance will naturally want to eat expensive foods more often.

Mama: But really, our needs are very basic.
Kong kong: I think we should eat lunches like this together more often though.
Me: My sentiments exactly.

So there you have it, another trait of my grandparents. It pleases me that I've inherited some of the traits of my grandparents, while it was my mum who brought me up mostly.

It also pleases me to note that while they usually buy too much food, apparently my grandparents usually eat what they can and chuck the rest away the same day. Hee.


* jakun = country bumpkin...well, sorta