In another moment down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Five meme

When you're lazy, you do a meme. :P

Five things in my wallet:

1) Money (no duh)

2) Plasters

3) Extra photos of moi

4) An unbanked cheque

5) Various receipts

Five things I like most in my room:

1) Laptop

2) Little Sammy Stripes

3) My bed

4) My clothes (I don't have enough of them anywhere else)

5) Living space

Five things I’d like to do:

1) Improve the country's education

2) Raise a child

3) Write a novel, make a computer game, make a movie with an ultra cute and cuddly theme

4) Abolish corruption

5) Build more muscle

Five things I’m doing now:

1) Looking at the stock market

2) Worrying about my bf

3) Trying to collect my thoughts to plan out my schedule

4) Wishing I could just play games

5) Resting

Five things I'm looking forward to:

1) My bf saying good bye to idiot team mates

2) Seeing my bf at the end of the day and having ...

3) Getting enough rest

4) Finishing the last game so i can go on to the next one

5) Paycheck

Five people I tag:

1) Super Boing Boing

2) Sir Lancelot Woggles

3) Captain Cuddles McDuff

4) Little Sammy Stripes

5) Still unnamed fat puppy/piggy thing

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Super Boing Boing of a Different Kind

In a lighter vein from the last post, I thought I'd show everyone a Super Boing Boing of a different sort.


What, you want more? Of course, here you go!


Can't get enough of the Boing Boing? Nah!


Super Boing Boing: ....I think I want to change my name...

Friday, September 21, 2007


Everyone's all abuzz about the same topic in Malaysia. I am no different.

The photo showing her before her disappearance shows a cute, smiling and healthy looking girl. The photo on the left shows the body of a girl who was starved and sexually brutalized to death.

It's no wonder her parents didn't recognize her.

Post mortem shows that her passing was very recent. But Nurin Jazlin first went missing nearly a whole month ago. Assuming that she went missing because she was kidnapped by the murderer, conjecture would indicate that she had been starved of food and had undergone sexual torture for the entire time she was missing. Only until her body gave way under the intense torment did she gain some form of respite.

Whoever did this was sick to the core. We're talking about someone so sadistic that this person can stomach torturing a little girl for nearly a month to the point of death. Throughout this entire time, it appears that the murderer relied on foreign objects to do the dirty work as no traces of semen were found. The fact that the police is looking for a woman makes a whole lot of sense - no male psycho who would take such steps to force himself onto a girl can be expected to resist the temptation to use his own penis for that long.

So if the murderer was a woman, why would she do such a thing? An evil lesbian pedophile? Or was the sexual component of the torture secondary, and the act of torture the primary intention? An act of pure malice and sadism?

We can only make conjecture til the cows come home. The murderer will most likely lay low for awhile - but I suspect the murderer will strike again. The lure of total power over a child and the desire to quench his/her evil thirst for torture may overwhelm the murderer now that this forbidden dark fruit has been tasted. I only hope that this would be the murderer's undoing rather than there be a second victim.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Living neither here nor there

There's a sock in Shane's drawer which I've been staring at every time I see it. There's nothing exceptional about the sock apart from the fact that it's missing it's pair. That and it's mine.

So what's the big deal? Socks go missing all the time. Well, as it happens I bought a whole batch of socks just because I was running short awhile back. Nowadays I'm finding myself short again wherever I am. That is, whichever home I'm in.

You see, there's a couple of places where I live nowadays. In KL, I live either at Shane's or at my brother's pad, mostly Shane's oddly enough. In Melaka, I live in the Melaka house. My clothes have been divided neatly between the three locations.

As I pick up my rolled up underwear of Shane's floor (they rolled out of the underwear/sock drawer mentioned above) and scavenging his cupboard in vain for my missing belt, it's starting to dawn upon me that I've spent too much time living neither here nor there.

Quite a lot of the time while I'm at Shane's place (that's most days of the week), I find myself waiting around while he busies himself wth this and that. That's okay, but I want to busy myself with this and that too. Hence I started bringing my laptop over (god forbid I forget it) , leaving my Magic cards at his place (his suggestion) and bring my notes to study. We had to install a lamp for me to read my notes, though it stopped working recently.

Internet connection's a bit tougher - I'm kind of used to keeping an internet presence nearly 24/7 so that I can chat with my friends who come online. Unfortunately Shane has the same habits and there's not many available computers with internet around, hence my internet presence has shrunk to near zero. Heck, how often do you see me blog anymore? I've almost forgotten how. And somehow I feel really disconnected from everyone.

Things like stocking up on food, getting my own plates and cooking materials, keeping tabs on my uni, staying in touch with my family, staying ahead of my finances, sleeping regular hours, maintaining a stable routine and doing some regular work - all these are taking a hit.

So I need to dig my heels in and live most of the time in one place. That would be my brother's pad.

Still, I've gained much from the time I've invested in Shane's home. I've become ridiculously close to Shane's family, considering the fact that everyone in the family knows that I'm his freaking BOYFRIEND. And no, they're not all that liberal minded. Though they may have gotten used to the idea by now.

And I've managed to spend a great deal of quality time with the man I love.

Too much of a good thing? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. But seriously, it's time for me to start spending more time at home.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Nomad, exam, funny video

Yeah, lack of blog update. Tell me about it. Lately I've been living like a nomad since I got back from Oz - staying in Shane's place half the time, sometimes in Melaka, sometimes in my bro's apartment. Still, spending time with my dear is nice. But it would also be nice to be a little more settled.


So, i'm going back to Melaka to do my first paper for my current subject. The only subject. Which I've been studying to the point of extreme boredom. Hurrah, more driving for moi.

I've been spending way too much lately - not sure on what either. Running pretty big bills. I hope I can keep this up.


Email from me to mum:


just follow the link. :)



Reply from mum:

aiyoh stupid like idiot!


You know she's shocked when she stops speaking in proper grammar. :P