In another moment down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Have phone n simcard again, please SMS & Hampers

Please SMS me if you know my number so I can have your number again. It's the same number as the last one. Thanks. :D


So what happened to the phone really? Well, it was stolen. A motorcyclist snatched it from Shane's hands while he was messaging on it. It happened so suddenly that neither of us knew what to do at that instant (I thought it was a friend giving him a friendly shove!). But just as well - these guys are typically armed with knives ASAIK so if we chased him down we'd have gotten stabbed.

I notice that these crimes always happen at housing estates - those which are connected to main roads where quick getaways are always possible and a motorcyclist can easily pass through without much suspicision. No wonder some housing areas have guards stationed at the entrances nowadays.

Mama: You should always offer to pay Dr C for treating you instead of letting him treat you for free.
Me: I offered wat, quite a few times...
Mama: I think you need to make a hamper for him then in gratitude.
Me: Hamper? People still make those nowadays?
Aunt: Sure they do.
Mama: You should ask Auntie Girlie to help you.
Aunt: For the big Fuji apples, you should get at least 4. Small fruits like plums you can get six. Choose different fruits so it looks nice and colorful. I've got plenty of baskets you can use.
Me: Wait, I'm making this myself? Not just purchase a ready made one at the shop?
Mama: No longer available. Not nice anyway, not worth it. They give you all the rotten goods- better make it yourself.
Me: Eeks! I don't know how to do stuff like that!
Aunt: Just choose the fruits and I'll help you wrap it nicely.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lost Phone 2 & It isn't my fault, honest!

The phone's been stolen. Again. Fortunately it was an old hand-me-down so it's all cool. When I get a new sim-card for the new hand-me-down I just got, I'll put up an announcement. Please SMS me if you then (same number) so I have your number again.


Sorry about the lack of updates and blog presence folks, but the honest truth is I haven't had internet connection cos I've been staying at the bfs' and he's been busy working on the com. Gotta run to Melaka soon for some stuff too. Will be back on Sunday I think.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Leave the rest behind? Oops!

Funny how everything else seems to get left behind while your enjoying your bf's company. Still, being with the bf is extremely nice. :) Got a lot of things that need to be taken care of though, not least of which is to meet the friends I've missed since I left for Oz.