In another moment down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

I'm back!

Hurrah! I'm home! But ery very the busy. Between my own tiredness from jetlag, settling into my bro's pad for the time, finishing touches on my project, sorting out my other responsibilities back in Malaysia and most of all spending time with the people I love I really don't have much time to spare. So there's not going to be much of an update here. But that's a good thing, for me. :)

It's good to be back.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Shopaholic? I think not.

I'm coming home soon! Hurrah! Project s nearly done too. Of course, it's the perfect time for my friends and family to ask me to buy obscure and hard to find stuff that they figure I'd be able to get in Australia. >.>


I present to you, Shane's shopping list!

Red Bodhi Beach Patrol shirt

So specific? But after searching high and low throughout Sydney I was lucky enough to find it in a store catering for tourists run by a middle-aged Chinese lady. That along with the flag.

Australian Flag
See above.

Aussiebum undewear

For the life of me, I couldn't find Aussiebum stores anywhere in Sydney. Walked the streets I did, in vain. Only very recently I was told that Aussiebum is typically sold in departmental stores by the good doctor. After which he had to explain to me what a departmental store was.

Urban Myth Club album (cd)

Sale people at music stores: Urban Myth what?

Gas mask

No, I'm serious. My man wanted me to get a gas mask for him.




And now I'm trying to get Shane some nice clothes. However, I appear to have hit a snag. Case in point, when I went shopping with Shane and pointed out shirts that I thought may be nice of the I got comments like:

Shane: Yucks!
Shane: Dun wan!
Shane: So horrible!
Shane: Eeee, who would wear such a thing?


Later when sales girl in Oz is showing me shirts I might buy for Shane,

Sales girl: There must be SOMETHING suitable! We've got so many shirts here!

My thoughts exactly, lady. My thoughts exactly. I couldn't get anything in the end.


Paul: Me wants this book, this book, this book and this book by this author, and try to get me season 2 and 3 of Monarch of the Glen for me.

Me: Okay doc! (checks titles of books on ebay)
Me: erotica...
Me: (at Borders)... not available. Color me surprised.

Salesperson: Monarch of the Glen? That old series? Let me check the online listing... no, none of our outlets anywhere have it.


Paul: Aiya, I can google it online better than you! Go ask a happening room mate where to get DVDs!

Room mate: Monarch of the what?


Posted while abusing the school's wireless network. :P

Friday, June 08, 2007

Sounds that don't translate well in text

Okay, Leggy's juk juk juk instead of tsk tsk tsk has gotten popular in our little circle of bloggers. You'll recognize members of our gang from juk juk juks in the comments and chatbox. :P

It has come to my attention though that nobody understands some of the other sounds that don't translate well in text. So I've decided to list them out.


Usage - same as huh? and "I see" but sounds different and tone is more subtle. The 'oo' can be lengthened for emphasis
Sound - sounds like saying 'ook' without moving the tongue. K is silent. Can have questioning tone (like "Huh? Come again?") or confirmtive tone (like "Right. Got it."). Alternatively sounded according to phonetic spelling.
Example - Tim Allen on Home Improvement makes this sound all the time.


Usage - To express slight annoyance or in response to something slightly bothersome or boredom or "Oh riiiiiiiight. I get it". 'Oo's can be lengthened. Not to be confused with a weak enemy or low grade evil minion in gaming terminology.
Sound - same as ook but lips are sealed. Often exactly the same as hmm. Alternatively sounded according to phonetic spelling.


Usage - same as mook.
Sound - None, admittedly. But it sounds cute when you say it as how it's spelled phonetically. :P


Oooookay. I think I must have been drunk or something when I wrote this. Oh well!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I'm saved! Hallelujah!

hey lecturer,

Help! I'm following your suggestions and making various changes and deleting lots of stuff too, but the word count seems to be increasing instead of going down! In order to explain the studies better i needed to make a whole lot more synthesis and it's really hurting the length of my article. I'm not done yet and I may be able to omit a whole lot more, but its very perturbing!




All of my 901 students are struggling to get the final draft finished so I have decided to offer a general extension until the 1/7 if you want to take advantage of it. I’m also happy to have a general (but not detailed) look at another draft if that would help.




Do I? Lecturer, I could give you a sloppy wet kiss! Hurrrraaaahhh! *smooch*

- Ban

ps another look at the draft would work wonders as well. :)


Eyep. Do I need to explain further? (Hope the bf doesn't get annoyed. :P )