In another moment down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again.

Monday, April 30, 2007


Irony. I have no one left to pray to. But by reflex, I held my hands close to my heart, praying to some power above that our love will be kept alive.

I love you.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Johnny Cash AMV & Kaworu Parody

While everyone's out having fun, I'm here looking at youtube videos and generally abusing my bandwith. Hoepfully I ahven't gone over the limit already. *crosses fingers*

Here's one AMV of Evangleion fearuring music by Johnny Cash. Pretty much captures the theme of the show. No, I don't know what AMV stands for.

Don't click on it if you don't like moody songs. On a lighter note, here's a parody of my favourite anime character of all time.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Big meme

Wee. A meme. Cos my significant other insisted. (But why is it so huge??)


Name : Ban (Sorry, that's all you're getting)

Date of birth : 1980

Current status : Attached

Eye color : Black

Hair color : Blackish brown or brownish black

Right of left handed : Right

Zodiac : Leo


My heritage : Hakka

My fear :

My weakness : Doesn't handle stress well

My perfect pizza : Olives, pineapples, pepperoni, ground beef, extra cheese, tomatoes


Your first thought waking up : What must I do today? Hope I make it for the bus (I didn't)

Tomorrow : Practicum, get morework done

Your bedtime : Around 1am, trying to stay up for bf yet sleep early enough for work the next day.

Most missed memory : Taking my personal pillow around and twirling it into my ear as a child. That and sitting in a tree sipping Ribena, shaded from the sun.


Pepsi or Coke : Coke

McD or Burger King : Hungry Jacks

Single or group dates : Single

Adidas or Nike : Whichever is cheaper yet looks good

Lipton Tea or Nestea : Nestea - available in lemon tea

Chocolate or vanilla : Chocolate

Cappuccino or coffee : Hot chocolate

PART 5 : DO YOU...?

Smoke : Nope.

Curse : Hardly.


Drank alcohol : Nope.

Gone to the mall : Yes, but for food. Not a shopper.

Been on stage : Nope

Eaten sushi : ...I will do that tonight.


1 minute ago : Chatting with the bf

1 hour ago : At uni for feedback on exam papers

4 1/2 hours ago : Practical training

1 month ago : Probably at uni.

1 year ago : Working


I love : My Shane.

I feel : Tired

I hate : Hypocrites. Uncaring.

I hide : I'm not telling. :P

I miss : My Shane. A great deal.

I need : My Shane. Naked. On my bed. Ready and willing.


I don't like tagging people.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Teaching, more geekery (Darkhawk) & explicit Greek video

I'm undergoing my practical training now. Will be teaching kids with learning difficulties soon.

I'm waiting now for my man, missing him. Really feeling the pinch from the time difference now. It's getting harder for me to stay up at night. I should be packing a lunch for tomorrow, but didn't have time to go to buy materials.


Oh well, blog post while I'm listening to a lecture online and waiting.

Superhero comics are a dying genre. It's true. Kids nowdays aren't really atracted to the idea of people dancing around in their underwear as the used to be. And they certainly don't have the patience to wait for a new comic in the story every month. Not with what's available on tv, and that's available right away.

I used to collect a few comics - the one I sunk my money into was Darkhawk. Mostly because I was a robot buff and he had such sleeeeeek looking armor, but also for Chris Powell's character. Having lost his father to an accident, Chris was a moody teenager who wasn't quite sure what to do with his new abilities when he used the amulet that changed him into the Darkhawk. This was best captured probably in the "Heart of the Hawk" line where he was unable to revert back to his human form when the amulet in his chest was literarily ripped out.

Darkhawk is best known during his run under Mike Manley, under whom Darkhawk good storylines and great artwork. After he left, the comic just went downhill. Horrible artwork, terrible changes to his suit's look, upgrades in power for no apparent reason, and really stories that really failedto attract readers.

But waiiiit, what is this I see?

As a spinnoff to the somewhat popular Runaways title, Marvel produced the Loners title. It's about a group ofteenage superheroes who are trying to 'kick the habit' of superheroing as it didn't do their personal lifes much good. No, I'm serious. Superheroes Anonymous. Apparently Chris is potrayed pretty spot on here (fittingly, he gets to play the jerk part in the group. Heroic jerk, but still a jerk I hear. :P ) , apart from the fact that he managed to destroy the nigh-indestructable Ultron with his chest blasts recently.

I'm just glad Chris is characterised well enough, and they retained Darkhawk's old armor look. I'd buy this Loners comic, but it's completely sold out apparently.


In other news, there's a nice Youtube video I found that appears only accessible through the website below unless you're registered as a member who is legal aged.

It's the story of Archilles.... and his lover Placto-something or other. Be warned, it's the story of Archilles it can't end well. ( That means you, Paul. )


Yay, Shane's home!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Projects, holidays, missing

Just a little update on what I've been doing. After the exams, I took a short break of sorts while getting into a bit of reading for the project which I put aside fo the exams. Getting quite a bit into it now in fact. I just hope there won't be a problem with all the articles I have to order from the library to find for me. What's the chances of a master's student being able to produce an article worthy of a peer reviewed journal anyway? Not much, which speaks of my chances of doing well in this assignment. Oh well.

My supervisor/lecturer suggested I get a proof reader for grammar corrections. Hey mum, you've been elected!

Mum: What an honor!

Wait til she reads it. It's really going to be pretty thorough, so I won't blame her if her head spins.

Since the holidays are here, I don't have much excuse not to cook. So I did. A bit. Actually, I cook a lot at once so that I don't need to cook often. For das in fact. The house is filled wih Asians, so there's already two rice cookers in the house. I don't think there's enough space for one of my own. So I borrow one of theirs.

...I need more practise cooking. >.<


Shane is pretty busy nowadays, as am I. I really wish that he present physically, even if we don't have time to do anything special. It's different being busy but having your man somewhere around and being busy but having your man being across the ocean.

A while longer. We're halfway there.

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Hee. I love these. Tells me more about myself. Very Sun Tzu.

I disagreed with the terms they used until I read the description and compared to the rest. (New Wave Puritan???)

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Fanboyism (again)

So, Shane is a fanboy. Hee, that's pretty cute actually. Well my dear, here's my bit of fanboyism.

Look what movie is coming out in September this year!

( *ahem* APOLLO! I want my Evangelion CDS when I come back! Quickly watch them finish!)

Fact: Neon Genesis Evangelion is quoted to be the *only* series Gainax produced that actually earned it money. As opposed to that, through about 6000 NGE products, Evangelion has earned more than 150 BILLION yen so far. That's USD 1.25 BILLION.

Yes folks, it's a staggering amount.

Neon Genesis Evangelion, my favourite anime of all time, is going to be revamped into an animated movie! That means a movie-level budget, freshly thought out story. And best of all, it looks like my favourite character in all anime (who originally had a whole 13 minutes of screentime in the entire series) will feature prominently from the very first movie.

KAWORU NAGISA! *swoooons*

But I don't see any trailers. The official site only shows some Japanese words which look something like "Coming in Septemeber in a cnema near you- if you live in Japan". No trailers, nothing. So until the movie is realised, near nothing is known about it. More importantly, what role does Kaworu have in this movie?!?! Aaaaargh, the anticipation is killing me!

Since I've already written a post about why this animated character caught my interest, let me finish off instead with some quotes.


Kaworu: A song is good!
Shinji: Eh?
Kaworu: A song brings us joy. A song is the highest culture that Lilims have created. Don't you think so, Ikari Shinji-kun?


Shinji: It's time.
Kaworu: It's over?
Shinji: We have to go to bed.
Kaworu: Together with you?
Shinji: Ah ... no, you are provided with your own, different room.
Kaworu: Oh.


Well, people always feel pain in their hearts. The heart is easy to wound, that's why living is painful. In particular, your heart is fragile like glass.
Shinji: Me?
Kaworu: Worthy of affection.
Shinji: Affection?
Kaworu: I mean, I love you.