In another moment down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again.

Saturday, March 31, 2007


Oh dear, I've been talking about some people behind their backs. So what should I do now? Why, post the conversation on my blog for the whole world to see of course. :p


defiant85: Ok so we circumcise SBB's long ear lo

Ban: even worse!!!!

defiant85: What?

Ban: how to be avatar of zeus then?

defiant85: Still the same but cut lo

Ban: the long ears symbolise his power over Affable Allen
and his chosen mate, Jaunty Jared

defiant85: Oh hahahah
Now that's a love story to make a movie with

Ban: hah?

defiant85: Love in the towers
Oooo can make porn with it tooo

Ban: yeah!
J2A2 porn!

defiant85: Wakakakakka

Ban: only thing is
from what Shane says, the audience will die from sacharrine poisoning

defiant85: Wakakaaka

Ban: SBB: "ughh... too...much... sugar!...."

defiant85: Meanie

Ban: A2: "we will defeat you with the power of LOVE!"
J2: "Romance!"

defiant85: Just get a dose of insulin and he'll do fine

Ban: A2: "Darling, I love you sooooo much *caress cheeks*"
J2: "No, I love you even more!"
SBB: "Kill. Me. Now."

defiant85: AWwwww
My rat rat and Teddy will start throwing flower petals

Ban: heeee

defiant85: They're suckers to romantic stuff just like me

Ban: heeeee
they're such a cute couple
i want to catch teir antics on camera

defiant85: I know
I want the sex

Ban: sure will be best seller movie
ya! both so quite twinky

defiant85: And best seller porn

Ban: of course!

defiant85: All gay guys must be initiated by this porn

Ban: hahaha
can not lar
will make them feel... inadequate

defiant85: Why not?

Ban: i bet jared is a top

defiant85: I would think so too

Ban: and Allen is a bottom

defiant85: Yep yep
Such a cute bottom too

Ban: you've seen it?

defiant85: I said such a cute bottom not he's got a cute bottom

Ban: hahahaha

defiant85: Skank

Ban: (i should buy Jared a shirt: Allen makes me gay)

defiant85: wAKAKAKAK

Ban: hehehe

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Love and trust

No, I'm not having trust issues. Don't mind me. I'm just thinking of someone else's problems, and how I can learn from them before I end up with the same problem. It's something I do.

Though to be honest it's not totally relevant. My train of thoughts went completely off-track. Oh well!


Trust, like respect, is earned. Otherwise it's blind trust. Respect isn't automatic - for example, while it's an onus on the son to be respectful towards the parents that fed him and cared, it doesn't mean he automaically respects what they do or their morales or what people his parents are. Likewise, trust is something that's built over time by showing oneself to be worthy of trust.

It's naive to say we should trust each other about absolutely everything. Not this soon into the relationship. It's natural to have doubts now and then, to wonder if things will change for the worse in the future. Humans mess up, I mess up. We aren't perfect. But I can learn. If I have faults that make me difficult to live with, I can learn to improve myself. As long as my intentions are sincere and I truly care for not only myself but him as well.

Learning to care for another person's needs is something that needs to be learnt in itself. How do I accomodate for his needs while meeting my own? Can I be fair in considering both our needs, giving fair weight depending on the situation appropriately? Striking a balance is made tougher if there's no place in my heart for him as well as myself. But that isn't a problem so, I can learn. As long as I truly love, I can learn.

Love is patient. Love is kind. It does not envy. It does not boast. It is not proud. It is not rude. It is not self-seeking. It is not easily angered. It keeps no record of wrongs. Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

More updates from Oz

Woot. I'm twice as organised as the last time, at least. Of course the workload as increased too. But I seem to be handling it okay. Not cooking at all, but that's really low priority now anyway. Just concentrating on keeping at my studies. Doing that efficiently.

So yeah, things look alright.


I wonder sometimes, for all the things I'm learning, how long will I be allowed to use them in Malaysia? But I've asked myself that question enough times already. How long will I work? As long as they'll let me. After that, I'll rest. There's more to life than work, and by then I've experienced that part of life. I guess that's how I look at life - an experience.


Everyone's working hard to fulfill their dreams. Trying to build a better future for themselves in the best way they can think of. Some selfishly, some not. It's such a big world. So many right decisions being made, so many wrong ones.

The world keeps moving on. We'll move on, won't we?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Work, friends, & lovers (multi-update)

So much work... so many reasons not to work. I feel like I'm a juggling act. But, it's an act that's getting together. Not too badly in fact. Yeah, I'm doing quite alright. So I'm fine.


Sometimes, I wish I could do more for my friends who are distressed. My heart reaches out to you all, hoping things will go better, trying to help where I can with what little I know. I can never do enough.

(But if would be nice if they weren't all distressed at the same time on the same night. Eeeeyarrghhhh. Marathon, anyone?)


The difference in hours is hard. I'm finding it hard to cope with the sleeping hours and study.

I look at the photo of the wo of us in my room. The photo frame given by a friend, decorated himself. "The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." And I see his smiling face beeming at me.

He reminded me of our first times together. Stumbling along the way while laughing - we've always taken that approach, haven't we? It's not too bad. Not pretentious, not pretending to be something we're not, yet trying to grow up together at the same time so we can be something more. Each of us, and together. It's a good way to go about it.

We'll climb mountains all right. Ain't no sea wide enough.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Okay, what constitutes a tantrum?

A tantrum typically is given unreasonable after an (unreasonable) demand is not met. The tantrum doesn't have to involve screaming or throwing a big fuss - it can be anything unpleasant to the victim of the tantrum. The function of the tantrum is to reduce the victim's behaviour of not meeting the demands of the tantrum thrower, often with immediate effect (we call this a punisher in behaviourist language). Silent treatment, scolding, apathy, anything that aggravates the victim that isn't giving into the demand.

So why does the victim put up with it? That's the most annoying thing. Tantrums, by nature, are only ever used on people who have intrinsic reasons to have to put up with the tantrum - usually love. If you never see that behaviour used on other people who won't put up with it, that's because it can't be used on them. It's also a surefire way to recognise a tantrum.

As a teacher, and a parent, it's important to recognise a tantrum when you see one. Giving in is certainly not an option - you'd be indirectly encouraging the tantrum thrower to throw more tantrums on you because it works so well on you. Ignore, scold, anything else is better than giving into the tantums.

Most importantly, and often left out, the proper way of asking for something should be taught to the child somehow. Perhaps after the child has quietened down you can practise with him. Or if he has a brother/sister, then giving that toy to the brother who happened to ask nicely works wonders too. "Oh, I like how you asked me for that toy so nicely and with a sweet voice. You make me so happy that I'm going to buy it for you." Essentially, the child must learn that throwing a tantrum is an ineffective strategy to get what he wants, even less so than asking nicely though asking nicely may not be enough.

If it's an adult throwing the tantrum, well, you're pretty screwed.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Rise of the Bunny

Bwahahaha! I'm so evil sometimes I scare myself.

Hello humans, guess who's writing today?

Yes, it is I - Super Boing Boing, the Great Bunny of Terror making a surprise appearance on the blog after quite a long hiatus, having gone on a long trip. I won't post pictures though, since I figure that you pathetic humans don't really want to see stuffed bunnies in the middle of an orgyfest - but nonetheless, here's one of me and Ban's boyfriend: Strapping Shane.

Oh yes, he's practically eating out of my paws right now.

That aside, I'm just dropping by to bring about some updates that I think you awful lot of two-legged critters should listen up for. And listen attentively mind you, and don't bother me with your insolent questions - because if you give me your full concentration, I'm sure you fools will be able to understand exactly what it is I am saying. Right. Now let me present to you, the updates:

  1. Strapping Shane is now fully under my control and is now under my employment as the Chief Operating Officer (but you already know that). I admit that I've taken a liking to him, though it wasn't always this way. When Ban first left me in his care, the idiot of a boyfriend has been huggling me to sleep - obviously trying to bond with me. Of course, I take this as a chance to poison him with evil thoughts in his sleep, but he keeps thinking that it's the effect of spending much time with his dearest godbrother Paul - a supposed incarnation of Saint Wicked. Like hello... I am Saint Wicked. No one is more evil than I. But still, good kid - we're as thick as thieves now.

  2. Secondly, I have to inform you that I may not blog much after this - and I may revamp the blog with a completely new design. This is thanks to Shane though - I found some abandoned HTML coding that he's worked on previously for his own blog, and I realized that it was quite purdy. So I thought I'd work on it (hey, I'm as good a HTML programmer as any!) and maybe present you morons with a totally new look that'll have your blood vessels pop and your heart give out.

  3. Thirdly, I've found a brand new theme song by Chris Cornell called You Know My Name (replacing my old One Winged Angel theme from FF7). This one's pretty good actually, and it's the theme for the newest James Bond movie, Casino Royale. However, I think it suits me better, since I have a feeling that I will soon be the greatest force this world has ever reckoned with that M:1-6, the NSA, CIA and what-not will be sending their stupid agents, tripping all over just to stop me from launching a full out assault on this pitiful. Bwahahaha!

  4. I think that's about it. Now onto Strapping Shane for a speech of his own as my new COO. Bwahahaha!

Good evening gentlemen, this is Shane speaking. I merely have only one thing to say: SBB and I will soon be your future world leaders. Please be ready with your congratulatory gifts. Anything below 1000 USD is not accepted. Cheapskates will be executed. Thank you.

Ahaha, I love that kid. So anyway, that'll be all the updates for now. The next update will not be anytime soon - since we'll be off doing some planning to conquer this world, and the next! Bwahahahaha! Toodles, you sad little bunch of humans. Remember... this is SBB and Shane. You know our name!

Oh... and right - here's the video and the song. Our theme song. Bwahahaha!

P/S: While I was away on holiday, I kinda forgot my password and username to my own Blogger account - so I've hacked into Ban's account and used it to blog. Bwahahaha. Don't you just love me? :P

Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Gawkfest

Okay, I admit. I had fun at the Mardi Gras. The real reason why I agreed to go in the first place was because I did so much want to catch Maxius and Louis (of Maxius's Ramblings and Vunderworld fame, respectively) who were there to catch the show.

Glitz, glitz, glitz. Glitz and more glitz. And naked flesh. And music. And rows upon rows of Kylie Minogue floats (what's up with that? She wasn't even there!).

There was a group next to me that insisted on getting kisses and photos with every hot guy in the parade. One guy in the whole parade actually walked up to me for a hug and a kiss to the cheek, but I was too surprised to reciprocate. I could only say a quick "Sorry" when I realised what he wanted, after he started moving away again. Oh well, dear dear will be pleased anyway. :P

It was full of nudity and things you'd normally not really want to look so closely at, but as you come expecting all that those things tend to glaze over like white noise. Or maybe it's just me.

One balcony closeby was full of naked old men - we thought they were half naked at first (blacony was blocking) but apparently someone confirmed they were naked. Oh yes, they are going to be having a fun time tonight.

Was it effective? I mean the parade itself as a means to promote gay rights. I don't know - but consider that after the parade, as Maius and Louis were walking hand in hand in front of me, two girls (looks hetero) were commenting (with not very pleased faces) about the white guy going out with the asian guy. I gave them little glares and they sort of realised I heard a bit of that and moved away.

My own highlights: Police department marching along smartly to show support for the event (with a policewoman belting out tunes with a band in the front, of course. Did you know Sydney has a special Gay and Lesbian support division?), religious gay groups (including Jewish and Christians gays and lesbians) and most of all, Rainbow Families (with their kids in tow).

Fight hard for your rights, people.

Friday, March 02, 2007


Praise be to the lecturing one! Who in his infinite wisdom and tendermercy, dist he dictate that there shalt be no readings for the first topic of the semester. Praise, laud and glorify his name! Ne'er again shalt I grieve His stingy-ness with good grades. Honor and glorify his name!

Yeah, any form of break is welcome. @.@