In another moment down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Risk of unfaithfulness

Yes, there’s big news in our small circle of bloggers. But let me speak in general and not dwell too much into matters I know little about.

When it comes to unfaithfulness in relationships, it seems like it’s always the ‘bottom’ who suffers – the one who is dominated. After all, the one who dominates (i.e. the ‘top’) in the relationship is more than happy to seek more people to dominate whereas the one who is dominated is looking for security in the one trusted to lead and protect. It is the 'bottom' who needs to be careful and to watch his partner's motives. More often than not, they're unable to - it comes with the seeking of security. The 'tops' tend to get away with unfaithfulness, at least for awhile.

Is it really worth it? Most gay men end up either alone and unloved. That or giving up on gay relationship altogether and trick a poor girl into getting married (often with some infidelity on the side).

Apparently, most get married.

Do they really want to end up alone? Or never knowing the love from the person that the truly care about? Considering how hard it is to find a life partner, why do people try to play around?

Quoting my biological father: “Because I can.”

Can you, really? Did you count the cost? Did you consider what you’ll lose in the end? Was it worth the risk?

One man lost the woman of his dreams and the respect of his children. His reputation is disgraced in public as an adulterer, and worse, an adulterer who could not keep his woman in spite of his misdeeds. He has given up on love from a loving wife, choosing instead dominance and power. He has no choice – he doesn’t know how to keep a woman loving him anymore. He doesn’t know how to treat her with respect or care for her needs – only to bait her with wealth, security and public prominence. It's inevitable that she will begin to hate him, even though she will stay. Once that occurs, will the children want to have anything to do with him when they grow up, much less take care of him in his old age?

Unfaithfulness has been around for eons. The concept of being faithful to one partner is in fact younger – it’s a concept that has come about for a reason. Neglect it to your own risk.


Disclaimer. This is NOT me:
the killer tomato said...



*squishes around*

Seriously. I didn't make that comment!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Traffic stopping girl

Super Boing Boing here,

Ah, how I missed the Malaysian radio! The questionable music, the irritable DJs, the nonsensical adverts... speaking of which have you heard this advert?


She who has the stopping power may win you up to RM30,000! The H&S traffic stopping girl is coming to a town near you! Look for the girl with soft, silky, shiny hair! Don't forget to ask her this question: Are you the H&S traffic stopping girl?


What a neat pickup line! Traffic stopping girl huh?...

Able to stop traffic with a single glance!

SBB seal of disapproval


The honeymooners unfortunately had to cancel their plans. Such a wasted opportunity to recruit more minions, tch! MBB's a little disappointed, but got chores to do anyway so it works out.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Ook? I could have sworn I wanted to blog something significant. Oh well!


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Rush, future and terrible hair

Penang airport has many unused outlets located close to seats, imagine that. Lots of massage chairs that nobody uses and can be sat on while the massage chair plug is subtly replaced by the laptop’s plug too. Which is all great, seeing as how the plane has just been delayed due to heavy rain.


What a rushed week! Back from Australia on Thursday, fly to Penang on Saturday early morning, attend conference that same day until 10.30pm that night, more conference until Monday, and a workshop on Tuesday followed by a flight back to KL at night. *phew*

There’s another workshop on Thursday and Friday back in Melaka. I really want to go, but I’m kinda tiring out. Car battery is down too – may not be able to fix it by then. And I’ve promised to bring some friends down for a honeymoon of sorts to Melaka on Monday. (Time for me to make like a lamp post… *grumble grumble*)

Had to bunk with VC, one of the founders of the place I used to work at and . Shared with him my notes through the magic of IT. Well, it’s not my fault all three courses fit on one pen-drive. :P I’m already planning what I which parts of the course I want to share with my colleges back there.

The conference itself was absolutely fantastic. Only a handful of people were organizing it, but to be honest, the quality of the organization and punctuality was of international standards. And this time we managed to get the main Ministries involved with early childhood education to participate – namely the Ministry of Education, The Ministry of Health, Ministry of Welfare and the Ministry of Women, …er, something-and-something. Why so many Ministries are involved? Due to the lack of a Special Education Ministry, hence all the ministries with a finger in the pot need to be there. *rolls eyes*


I and VC had lots to chat about. Not about me and my ‘life choices’, fortunately. We talked about the conference content. We talked about inclusion. We talked about the assessment tool for autism he’s going to be trained to use. We talked about the future of special education in Malaysia. We talked about his future as he has just retired as a teacher, submitted his PHD thesis. EVERYONE knows he’s going to end up in the center as a teacher and perhaps researcher. Many people have been ‘warning’ him to watch out. It’s a case of unusually rare ability and opportunity being met in one person. He wasn’t going to waste it.

Me: Of course I also hope to see you there eventually, what with the influx of new teachers and all. But I think you owe it to yourself to take a break first. Probably to your family too. I think they deserve more time with you after the amount of time you’ve spent on the PHD and everything else.

VC: You’re probably right about that.

VC: Thanks, Ban. I appreciate it. Especially coming from you.

Er? What does that mean?

We talked about my future. VC encouraged me to go further to complete a doctorate.

Unlike VC, I didn’t get high distinctions on my application papers. And I don’t have a research paper topic yet. And all that reading in my masters was like nothing compared to what’s needed for a PHD, and I was already barely on top of my work. Compare that to VC who was religiously reading

VC has a special child, hence lots of reason to research how to best educate his child himself when there’s a lack of services in Melaka. VC’s religion lends him a strong ‘calling’ to serve. He’s got the dedication, he’s got the responsibility.

I’m just a spoilt kid who has nothing much else to do with my life.

Oh well. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

I got lost on my way back to the hotel from finding dinner at Metrojaya (there wasn’t much there). Arrived (on foot) just in time to catch the taxi to the airport for the flight, sweaty and tired. Wet towelled myself off since there wasn’t time for a bath and left, thanking VC for his time.


Morning, me walks in with the rabbit in tow.

Mum: Aiyo! Your terrible hair! You didn't get it cut before the conference? What did all the people say in the morning? Didn't I tell you to cut it before you go? You blablablablablabla...

Me: (holds up rabbit) Terrible hare.

Mum: (rolls eyes) Hmmmmmph! (Gives rabbit a hug)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Exams, homecoming

Ban's post-exam report

First Paper: (Key Research Isues and Methods in Special Education)
Wah, can can. Okay, doesn't seem to be any problems. All the papers were open book, and I know pretty much where everything is so I can look back when I need it. It's an application exercise though, so open book doesn't help very much. Went home and studied for next paper.

Second Paper: (Curriculum and instructionfor individuals with high support needs)
Alright, this paper went quite alright! Luckily I reread the bulletin board examples and went for the problem sovling class. Finished way a head of time just like the last one. Brimming with confidence now, got a bit lazy to do more revision for next paper tomorrow...

Thid paper: (Behaviour problems and classroom management)
O.o Wow, such subjective questions. Never seen anything like it before. So much to write, er, what on earth does this question want? Err, I'm getting confused, I thought I studied that properly. Oh noes, I'm running out of time!! Help!!!

After third paper the students started discussing in frenzy what on earth we wrote for various answers.
"What did you write for that question?"
"What on earth did she(lecturer) mean by 3 components of intervention, then 4 suggestions for each component? That's like 12 strategies or what? How do you divide them ino 3 components?"
"What did you say needed to be investigated for that question?"
"Oh no! I got confused between precorrection and Colvin's 7 stages of acting-out behaviour."
"I can kiss those marks goodbye. T.T "



Oh well. I should be packing and vacuuming and storing and throwing away rubbsh and stuff. Anytime now. Tomorrow I leave for home, taking the bus and train to airport. It's funny to think that I'm on my way home tomorrow until Febuary. Huh. Miss you all.