In another moment down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again.

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Testing, testing. Is this thing on?


Edit: Bah, STUUUPID thing! Have at you!

(SBB seal of disapproval)


Greetings from your superior in intellect! I'm back after a long break from blogging, having fought of the evils of Barney. (Mr Ruuuuu... I hope you've inroduced it to your gaming group. )

MBB has been busy teaching the kids and all, with stuffing a little studying here and there in between computer games. What a naughty naughty bunny. Heh, but bunnies are better that way. If only he would take me out more often. Claims he has to keep the world safe from me. What bother.

I've also noticed that the blogger community seems to have expanded while I was away. Pooh! You're all supposed to wait for meeeee! The wheels of time and space turn for my benefit, after all. Baaaaad minions! No biscuit!

I can't wait to go back to Malaysia! MBB says he isn't thinking about it very much - he lives day to day pretty much. Not like me, I like to plan. And plot. Ooooh, the things I've planned to do when I get back. On top of my last list, I'm looking forward to meeting all the bloggers. Now if only I can convince MBB to bring me around KL (must consult doc Paul for the proper drugs to use)...

...but first, I've got to get myself a keyboard with larger keys. God knows it's tough typing with my paws. Hmph!


(SBB seal of approval)

Monday, October 23, 2006

Multiple entries for the price of one!

Stres, stress, stress!

But good stress, mind you. :) The practical training teaching is full-on. Which is good. The hours are pseudo-woking hours (ie long and tiring), but a little more structure in the daily routine goes a long way, work efficiency-wise. It may be tough to study at home after nearly a full day's work at the teaching center, but it's still better than the ultimate lecture flexibility hours of my course that calls for titanic discipline.

Okay, I'm just making excuses. But I can get that right... next term.


The weather forecast for today is a Monsoon. It's going to be raining cats and... cats.

*muuuuuaaaagh* Hey Corren, isn't there anything interesting to do around here?

Okay, verrrrry funny. Crossdressing does *not* count as interesting. Get me out of this dress or I claw your boyfriend in the nuts. You have 5 seconds.

Go away. Can't you see I'm busy sulking? Not too far away though, somebody's got to watch me in my utter misery...heyyyy, what's this in the corner of my cage? Looks edible...

Woohoo! I'm not sure what I just ate, but I feel greeeeaaaat! Time to do things which I will regret in the morning!

No, I'm not stuck. I'm just admiring the view. And no, I'm *not* letting you see what I'm wearing behind these blinds.
*sigh* ...just call the firemen already.


Geek post alert!
(you have been warned!)

A 'wonderful' tactic for Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal

Limited Wish - this 7th level spell summons a genie that will grant one wish - to a limited effect. Well, it doesn't help that the genie tries to manipulate your wishes as far as it possibly can to it's own amusement. Using a character with high wisdom helps making appropriate wishes. A LOT.
Case in point, saying, "I wish to summon a horde to overrun my enemies!" will summon 20 rabbits. Rabbits that attract enemies like flies to honey, strangely. Maybe monsters don't like rabbits.

Wish - only available in the expansion pack, Throne of Bhaal, this incredibly potent 9th level spell is limited only by a random list of possible wishes based on your wisdom. Some of the choices from a Wish spell include setting everyone's strength to 18 (friend or foe), making a random wand appear in your inventory, making it as if the party has rested for 8 hours and rememorised all spells, cast Abi-Dazim's Horrid Wilting on EVERY creature in the map (incredibly high-damage, area of effect nuking spell)...

Got it?

Quote: "...i just cant get this image of a mushroom cloud with cute bunny ears and a twitchy nose out of my head..."

Egads, I can just imagine Woggles the Warf Magician casting such a combo.

Idea taken from here.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Busy like a bee

Just a quick update - doing my practicum now. Very useful, learning a lot, almost working hours everyday (8.30am - 3.30pm) , great need to do reading at the end of the day. Pretty tiring, but really full on learning since I came here.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Effort levels & The desire to be loved

Studying hard enough? Not hard enough?

Seriously, I'm getting pretty annoyed with the fact that I can't quite estimate just how much time I should be dedicating to studying. The flexibility of this course is great if you're very very disciplined and dedicated (and I've figured out that not everyone on the course is), but heck is it starting to grate me.

Then again, I AM supposed to be a full-time student.



A past event, that I was reminded of recently:

"You know, I never really figured out why your father told me the truth in the end. While in my heart I knew what he was doing, I would never had dared to leave him if he didn't openly admit to adultery," my mum said.

She had a point. It's something that we'd been wondering about for a while. As much as we turned it in our heads, something about the whole thing seemed off. Inconsistent. As if there was an important part of the story missing.

What was it that elderly guy told me? Open your mind to both sides of the story?
A thought occured to me then. And as it struck me, I was suddenly certain it was true. It happens.

"He wanted love."

My mum was quite taken aback.

"He wanted to be loved by you. After so many years of treating you badly, he could feel that he'd lost your love. And how could you love him?"

It all fit. He was probably tired of pretending that the prostitutes he was visiting actually loved him while the rest of the time he was practically shunned back home (the pretending to be loved by the prostitutes was his description). While it was true that my mum would never leave without concrete proof, he could never win her heart with all the suspicion hanging over his head. The only option was to admit, then promise change.

It was a worthy gamble. After all, he was good looking, smart, fit, had high social status (fame?) - He was utterly confident in keeping her after that. His obedient Christian wife (religion says be subservient to your husband, remember?) wouldn't dare leave him if he said he was repentant and was going to follow Christ from then on. It was unthinkable.

He lost that gamble. I guess he just didn't realise how repulsive he'd been all this time. How much pain he had caused all this time. How much he disgust the person whose heart he was trying to win.

Was it sincere? Would he really have changed? Perhaps. Although when pastor described to him how he can change to be a better man in order to win my mother's heart, the man replied, "If I do that, I'll be a dead duck." And left. Change is difficult and a slow process - he knew that he was so far from the picture the pastor had painted that he lacked either the strength or the motivation to.

Anyway, it shouldn't effect my mum's right to decide what she wanted. And she decided she had had enough from the guy. Why risk it?

Although my mum wasn't in the wrong, I don't think she was very comfortable with the idea that the man had really been trying to win her love. It made the monster seem human.

How much have you lost by putting yourself above everything else, my father? You are unlovable, therefore you've settled for the next best thing: Power. And how you lord it over your new wife. It's enevitable that she will stop loving you, but that no longer matters to you since THIS wife will never leave.

What was that another elderly man once said about marraige? "I don't care if I'm loved. It's more important that I'm respected."

You are a sad, sad man.

To love a person and to want to be loved are two different things altogether. If you do not love in return, you're likely to lose what love you have.

Nice theory. Now, if only I had some experience to put it into practise without blowing things up in my face.


Monday, October 09, 2006

Aerie the Vampire Slayer

You haven't forgotten about the Adventures of the Warf Magician, have you? Woggles will be really upset if you did. :(

You have been warned! (click on the images for a bigger picture)

Keldorn: Aerie, wait!
Imoen: What do you think you are doing?
Woggles: Warf...was it something I said?

Aerie: (magically locks door behind her)
Minsc: My witch! What have you done?

Bodhi: (raises eyebrow) "You've got some nerve coming here by yourself, little elf. Alone. Haven't you noticed I'm surrounded by my coven of vampires? Have you come to beg for mercy for your comrades? Or plead for the life of your comrade Jaheira who I have turned to my side?"

Aerie: "Hmph. JAHEIRA! I challenge you and your coven for extra hugs privalegdes from Woggles!"

Everyone: ...
Crickets: "Chirp, chirp, chirp..."
Aerie: "...what?"

Bodhi & Vampires: (Burst into laughter)
Imoen, Keldorn, Woggles AND Minsc face palm.

Woggles: Everyone knows there's plenty of hugs to go around!
Imoen: (baps Woggles)
Woggles: Ow~!

Bodhi: "..oh, this is rich. I and my coven are being challenged by the frail, weak and notoriously weakest member of Woggle's party."

Weak. Frail. Likely to be blown away by a light gust of wind if she's not careful.

Aerie: "I'm challenging Jaheira, not you."
Bodhi: "Oh, for...Haven't you noticed Jaheira's under my spell? All it took was a quick bite to her neck."
Bodhi: "The elves sent you didn't they? The elves are cowardly and weak! I shall have my revenge on those elves! They were mean to me and my brother Irenicus! I'm really pissed off with the elves! Bla bla bla..."

Aerie: "Oh, stop whining. It's annoying. Whine whine whine, is that all you can do?"

Imoen: (rolls eyes)
Keldorn: "Not a word. Not ONE word."
Woggles: "Huh?"
Minsc: (still trying to bang down door)

Bodhi: (gasp) "DESTROY HER!!!!"
Vampires: (charge Aerie)
Aerie: (casts Sanctuary on herself quickly, using Amulet of Power to Speed it up. Aerie disappears before vampires reach her)

Bodhi: "Blast! Where is she? (waits) Okay, little elf girl. When your little spell runs out, I'm going to make what's left of your short lifespan painful.

Bodhi: (waits some more.) "VERY painful."

Bodhi: (waits even more) "Okay, this is ridiculous. Maybe I should knock that door open myself...AAARGH!!"

The pool of blood which the vampires had been drawing power from has been purified with holy water.
Aerie: "Hope you don't mind. Pools of blood are way icky."
Another Aerie: "Did you design this decor? You should watch Queer Eye for the Straight Guy."
Yet another Aerie: "Sorry to keep you waiting."
Yes, YET another Aerie: "Let's get on with it, shall we?" (starts casting)

Bodhi: "Get her!"
Fledgling Vampire: "Which one? There're so many of her!"
Vampire: "Images! Blurry images..."
Bodhi: "ANY ONE! Just get her!"
Vampire: "Even the images are protected by magic! Or is that the real..."


"That one! That one!"


"No, the other one! The other one!"


"It burns, it burns!"


"It's AERIE! Get it right!"



Imoen: " know, I wouldn't want to be in that room just yet."
Minsc: "My witch! I must save my witch! Raaaaargh!" (batters at door with Hamer of Thunderbolts)
Imoen: "...forget I said anything."

Bodhi: "My coven! I'll rip you apart, little elf girl!"
Aerie: "Come on, you've got to hurt me just a little more..."
Bodhi: (strikes the real Aerie) "Ha!"

Aerie: (winces but smiles. Contingency activates automatically, granting her HOLY POWER.)
Aerie: Magical Girl Power! Make-up! (actives minor sequencer)
Aerie: (surrounded by holy light!)

Bodhi: "What the bloody..."

Aerie: (blessed by Draw Upon Holy Might and protected by Sanctuary for duration of transformation)
Aerie: (casting spell)
Aerie: In the name of the Magical Girls... I will punish you! (spell cast)
Aerie: (Emeges from Sanctuary, transformed by the power of Tenser!)

Oh my...

Aerie: (is essentially a burtish monstrosity now. Xena has nothing on this she-hulk. Heck, She-hulk has nothing on her.)

Aerie: "...Oh my..."
Bodhi: "...Oh my..."

Woggles: "...Oh my..."
Imoen: "What are you blabbering about? We're still behind this door!"

Aerie: "Oh well. Whatever works." (starts beating the crap out of Bodhi with her mace)
Bodhi: " hurts so much..."

Imoen: "Whoa. I wanna be a magical girl too..."
Keldorn: "Now you're doing it. Door blocking our view? Remember?"
Minsc: "Boo, I'm scared. Hold me?"
Boo the minature giant space-hamster: *squeek!*



The great pity is that Aerie wasn't a high level enough at that point to put Righteous Magic and Tenser's Transfromation into some combination of Contingencies and Sequencers. Fortunately, the mighty Draw Upon Holy Might and Sanctuary spells are low level enough for even a minor sequencer. Great bang for the buck.

Yeah, I've been taking an extended break. Better get back to work soon. :p

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


You know what? It's becoming more and more obvious that this entre endeavour is becoming some sort of ronin pilgrimage for me. I'm being tested in every weakness possible and found wanting.

Case in point. Due to the incredibly flexible nature of the courses in which you self-study but MUST finish certain modules within certain dates, you've got to have an enormous amount of discipline and time organisational skills. Guess what? I misread a date for the dates of a module after the Uni break. In other words, I'm going to be penalized for not being organised enough.

Can't I catch a break?

I'm desperately trying to make up for it somehow with my lecturer (who says nothing can be done), so I'm resorting to trying to show as much as possible that I'm going to work at that topic and cover my participation in it via emailing him. In other words, try to impress him as far as possible so I won't be penalised (penalisation is subjective as far as I can tell). Only I can't remember the name of the book I'm trying to quote.

I reaaaally want the name of that book. Been trying all sorts of combinations that might be the book in amazon, google, smsing my colleges back in the center in Malaysia, phoning the ones who didn't reply immediately (money is no longer an issue!)...

Am I getting desperate? Absolutely. I'm at the verge of tears here. God damnit, I've never cried so much in such a short space of time in my life. I'm NOT going to cry again tonight.

In other news I got my results back, not too shabby though I wanted to do better. (credit) Though after discussing it I could see that no amount of studying would have improved those scores. Especially considering I overstudied one of the papers. Yes, seriously. I overstudied. Can you believe that? GRAAAHH!!!!

Monday, October 02, 2006


Oh Mr Ruuuuuu... looky what I found for your next roleplaying game session!

It's time to proclaim Holy War!

(clicky the piccy!)


(seal of approval)