In another moment down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

SBB rules O.K.

Who's the cutest of them all?
Super Boing Boing!
Who's the smartest smarty pants?
Super Boing Boing!
Who's the most dashing rabbit around?
Super Boing Boing!
Who's the rabbit you all love and worship?
Super Boing Boing!
Whoa, his rockin' bod!
Super Boing Boing!



Things to do when I get back to Malaysia (in no particular order):
1. Establis rule over soft toy menagerie in KL (Woggs and McDuff are prime targets)
2. Start a business of shirts with slogan "SuperBoing Boing owns you!"

3. Pulverise all those darn Rat rats in Ikea with a bat
4. Pawn everyones head in DOTA with the Alchemist
5. Buy rabbit theme curtains for Calvin's Cosy Crib
6. Pack that *darn* cat in a box and send it to Timbaktu
7. Summon a minor demon to do my bidding
8. Potatoes. Lots of potatoes. And onions.
9. Run for prime minister


Thursday, August 24, 2006

That darn cat

Since you people like Monsoon so much (as opposed to say, me. Hmph!), I've carefully picked the photos which show the monster cat... I mean the Corren's kitty in the best light. Enjoy! (*snicker!*)

I feel so... compromised.




Come on, stop playing that and pay me attention! I'm an attention whore~~~~~


Monday, August 21, 2006

I think...

...I can do this. It's just...hellava tiring. Oh well. Welcome to the real world, myself.


Due to... some trouble with my behind which I won't describe here (it's gross), the doctor has put me on some cream called Advantan (contains Methylprednisolone, which I research was first used to treat cows for something or another. I stopped reading at that point). That and Metamucil. My father, whom I'm the spitting image of, had to take Metamucil for piles.

So... at this rate I can also expect to get a pounched stomach in spite of the rest of me being skeleton thin? (just like father)


SBB says:

Ewww is right! Just for making me read that... take this!

(SBB seal of disapproval)

Friday, August 18, 2006


Yay, mum's leaving me alone. :) Papa had a talk with her and told her "What's important is that Ban's happy, not you" or something to that effect. (just confirms she made the right choice in husand this time, but I already knew that...)

Happy, gotta get back to reading. Muh, can't really blog much.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The phone call

What a...'nice' phone call.

Guess what? Mum thinks I should go back to Malaysia at the endof the term. Permamently.

What, already? Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Due to the nature of the course being so well designed to accomodate distance learning, she argued, why not do it distant?

Besides that, I'm not really mixing around much apart from going to Queerspace. Mum was expecting me to be surrounded by peers, meeting in classes everyday and being excited about the same subjects. Er, so was Iactually. She wasn't too thrilled that the group of gays and lesbians appeared to be the most social contact I'm making.

But then, I just got here. Sure I'm adjusting back to the student life, and juggling around household duties, but that's exactly the challenge I took upon myself. See, there's lots of other people who can do this course *and* work at the same time, where as I'm just a full-time student. If I can't pull myself through, heck, if I don't outright ace this thing (everyone seems to think it's a pushover, it isn't!), how will I ever fulfill my dreams of being responsible for the life of another later? I want to be stronger. What the hell, I'm 26 already!

I know it saves money (a busload) and it's more practical, but this is a real blow, somehow. I feel like I've been told I've failed before I've even got a chance to prove myself.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

SBB speaks

Super Boing Boing says:
It has come to my attention that some people don't know who I am. That's okay, really. I won't sweat about it. Not that I can sweat, anyway. No siree. I plot. That's what I do, plot. Eeheehee, what naughty things I can do to you...

Mrbunnyban says:
Not much, SBB. You're in Oz right now, with me.

Super Boing Boing:
I could send them noti noti sms over your phone, send them exploding mail (exploding with what though? Maybe I could enlist Leggy's help, I hear he 'leaks'
a lot...), order lotsa pizza and ask them to deliver to their address...

MrBunnyBan: are *so* sleeping on the floor tonight.

Super Boing Boing:
Oh, bother.


In other news, MrBunnyBan has been going to his uni's queerspace recently and hanging with the people there. Instead of staying at home. With me. Why he'd rather go into that godforsaken hole in the ground in beyond me. Rabbit instincts, maybe. (The room is really in some hole somewhere in the uni, I kid you not)

What's that? Why am I, Super Boing Boing, writer extraordinaire and utterly desirable rabbit, filling for MBB? Bah, obviously cos I'm the superior intellect. Furthermore, I'm cuter. :3

Anyway, since the boss... I mean my minion hasn't been around to serve me, I've taken it upon myself to blog on his behalf.

Now what would interest a bunch a gay boys reading tis blog... oho! Since everyone's been asking for pics of Aussie guys:

What's that? I shouldn't be putting up peopl
e's picture on blogs without their permission? Details, details. But methinks MBB already told him what he's doing with the photo.

Not a bad catch, admittedly. Pleasant, pretty cute (the girls call him Smooshy, which is what we shall refer to henceforth), young... *ahem*, BARELY LEGAL. (only 18 years old)

So, for MBB to have fun with this fellow is out of the question. That's right, we don't want MBB to come that close to being a pedophile now, do we? Don't answer that.

For me to have fun with Smooshy however, now that's another matter entirely. :3


(SBB seal of approval)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Raaandom (mostly food)

Something tells me that that I haven't been feeding myself properly. That's the trouble when you don't recogise hunger easily - you've got to take note of your food intake Told myself not to be o stingy and go shopping

Ladeedaa, shopping for groceries... jasmine rice, price looks okay...hey, didn't my neighbour cook beef cutlets the other day? I bet I could do that dish just as well, must be affordable... Dum de dum...

$16 per KG?!?!?!? That's outrageous? I thought this was the cheapest place to get meat? So wastefull! I could buy myself three full meals for that! Oh gods, I know I told myself not to be stingy and all, but I'm not sure if I really know how to cook the stuff, and, and...


"Half a kg please." *sulk*


Hmm, what music to listen to?

"Twisted Nerve from Kill Bill?" Not that kinda mood now...

"Where have all the Cowboys Gone?" *sniff sniff* No...

"Smurfs Theme (Rave) (Happy Hardcore Techno Remix)"?...


%Lalalalalala, lalalalala....%


Uninstalled Mechwarrior, try to play a less engrossing game when need a break.

At 5 am this morning, I realised that Alpha Centauri was a pretty bad choice. *uninstall*

3D Pinball for windows, anyone? *sigh*




Useless trivia 1: Burger King is known as Hungry Jacks in Oz.
Useless trivia 2: Hungry Jacks has a unique burger called the Aussie Burger, contains among other things beetroot, fried egg, bacon, and onions.
Not so useless trivia: Aussie burgers are yummy... nyam nyam nyam...

Only thing is it's so big I get indigestion





This blog post has received Super Boing Boing's seal of approval.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Getting organised

I swear, since I've come here I've been doing an endless stream of paperwork and sorting out technical difficulties. Passwords (ALL OF THEM!) and administrative problems, internet and phone going out of whack for no apparent reason, random paperwork (census apparently) - heck, almost makes me forget I'm here to study.

Not. Now, remember me saying that I thought I only had a week to finish a certain amount of reading? Turns out I was half right after all. Two subjects is only evry two weeks, but one subject is per week. I checked to make sure only after I tooka few days off. Which now makes me... behind? Ahead? Somewhere about right? For the life of me, I have no idea. It's really confusing. Ermmmm, maybe I shouldn't have played mechwarrior so much. But it has all the giant mecha action I love so much and I've found new lovely weapon configs and...argh!

Since my bro may be reading this: Cstrike srms and Smrms are actually heck of a useful, imagine that. I actually made good use of the longtom too against many many little tanks that normally cripple me on veteran difficulty.

Internet's gone down at my place. So what else is new. >.>

Monday, August 07, 2006

Undershot deadlines & Making Friends

It would appear that I misinterpretted how long I have to finish my reading before the next one starts. I thought I had to finish everything by... yesterday, where as I have one more week to do all my reading before 2nd modules start for my subjects. >.> Guess what I've been doin all week, totally ignoring whatever special occassion it was supposed to be? I thought I had only 4 days to complete a weeks work, which was actually 2 weeks worth of reading. @.@


I'm having a bit of trouble connecting to people around here. Maybe it's because I'm asian, but somehow, I'm not so sure. Trying to be friendly, but I really don't have much to say to my new housemates. Not that they seem to try to hold conversations with me, but they talk to each other quite a lot. Maybe it's cos I've been busy reading all this time, or resting on a game when not reading. But somehow, my instinct tells me this isn't the case. None of my coursemates talk to me either, but one or two of them clique.

I wonder what people's impression of me is? According to social psychology, one's social identity is defined by what other people around think about him/her. So what do people think about me when I'm quiet, as Harvey noted? Do I come of as snobbish? Arrogant? Uninterested in others? I'm not entirely sure that is unfounded either. Maybe pride comes with being a Leo, heh.

I'm trying to make friends for the sake of making friends - but do I really care for these people? I can't say I do - does it show? Could that be my problem?

Truth is I'm pretty used to being alone in my room, with people living in the house. But if the house was empty, heck, that'd be utterly depressing. Strange if you think about it, is it common though? And what does that say about me?

Unsocial and difficulty in connecting with people? Self centered but needs love and attention myself? I and my brother are my father's children, in a very real sense. But with my mum's upbringing, thankfully. Oh well, everyone adjusts. I'll just have to do the same.

On a related note, I wonder if I can really mantain a relationship. Hmm. Better take a certain blogger's advice and find someone matured who does know how to handle one. But then... there's not really a big base of candidates to choose from. Gah.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Birthdays & Study Deadlines

It has occured to me that a whole slew of bloggers have their birthdays coming up this month. *None* of which I can remember to save my life, only I know that Xavier and Leggy are Leos...gah, who else?

Anyway, while we're at it, can everyone please leave your birthday in te comments for this post? I'd really appreciate it, thanks. So sorry I couldn't remember. :(


Since I still can't get my password working, I can't access the reading lists and what nots until a few hours ago. Still can't access the online library o actually READ most of the required reading though. I'm supposed to study sufficiently every week to keep in track of the course, otherwise the work piles up like nobody's business. So basically I'm 4 days behind on my reading this week.

So I'm stuck studying what material I *can* get my desperate hands on at home while everyone else in the house has gone partying. Arrrrghhhhh...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

More Monsoon pics

Apart from the fact that all my new passwords and pins and whatevers are collectively failing on me (I hate you, Murphy), not much to post. HOWEVER, Corren's passed me more photos of Monsoon. Bweeeee!

What's that? You have a present for me?

Corren: "Look Monsoon, I got you a little pink bell!"
Monsoon: ...

What on earth? A bell? Do I look like gay to you? Hey, don't go away, get this thing offa me! Hey!...

Oh, the shame...maybe if I stick my head here the shutters will end my pain...

Much later...

Move my bum dear? Oh, puh-lease. Maybe if you pay for me to get a facial this evening I'll consider it - your choice dahling.